To take care of health, people include workouts in their routine and also consume fruits in their diet on a daily basis, everyone knows about fruits, how beneficial they are for our body, about the same fruit. I am going to talk about which vitamins are found in large quantities and they are quite lean, so if you want to do the farming of any fruit, then pineapple can be a better option for you because its demand is also very high and in this you You can also earn very good profit.

In this blog, we are going to talk about Pineapple farming, what profit you can earn in it, what can be the process of farming etc. so that you can do successful farming.

Right time to grow Pineapple

Friends, the pineapple plant comes under the cactus species. If we cultivate it, then all kinds of work related to its maintenance to its management can be done in a very easy way. We do not need to pay much special attention related to the weather while doing its cultivation. There are many plants or fruits, on which the effect of the weather becomes very early, but we do not get to see any such seasonal effect on the cultivation of pineapple. We can do this cultivation many times in a season. Like Kerala and Kerala, in many other states too, farmers cultivate pineapple for 12 months and earn profit. Friends, pineapple crop is a summer crop and it is mainly cultivated between January to March and May to July.

How to Cultivate Pineapple (How to do)

We should pay special attention to some important things to do its cultivation.

  1. When we are planting grain plants in the fields, it is necessary to have a distance of about 25 cm between each plant.
  2. Talking about the same queue, its distance should be around 60 cms.
  3. Friends, pineapple is cultivated in an area of ​​89000 hectares of land.

Pineapple Farming where is

Pineapple is cultivated in almost the entire North East region of India, West Bengal, Kerala, Karnataka, Bihar, Goa and Maharashtra, and can be started from any month of the year. For this you just need to have good land.

in pineapple cultivation need for irrigation

Let’s friends now read further in this article and know that when we need to irrigate when and for how much time interval to do its cultivation and what is the process of doing that?, read its information in detail below. .

  • Pineapple plants need to be irrigated approximately once in every 15 days.
  • This plant does not require much care, as it does not require much irrigation.
  • Pineapple plants need shade and if there is too much sunlight, its plants may gradually wither and hide and die one at a time.
  • It is very important to plant the plants at the prescribed distance during its transplantation, otherwise its plants gradually get spoiled.
  • Fertilizer for friends requires DAP, Potash and Light Super Urea. The dosage of all these fertilizers is ensured on the basis of the area of ​​land and then the fertilizer is given to the plants.
  • Friends, we can earn profits by growing a light crop in the middle of the pineapple plants.

Pineapple Farming In need to plant a new crop

For your information, let us tell you that if today’s plants bear fruit only once. That means you can get pineapple fruit only once in one lot and then to get another lot we have to grow another crop of pineapple.

Pineapple Farming invested in

If you have land to cultivate pineapple, then you may have to invest at least 20 thousand rupees from growing its crop to selling its fruit. But later you will get a lot of profit from it.

profit in pineapple farming

By now you have learned in this article how to cultivate pineapple and you have also learned the important things related to it and you friends, the biggest question will be arising in you that after all, how much good profit can we earn by cultivating pineapple. So let us tell you that by cultivating it, we get a high amount of yield and from this point of view, cultivating it can prove to be a great business. If you plant a total of 15 to 20000 saplings per hectare over a large distance, then you can get a yield of about 10 to 15 tons of fruits and you can easily earn a huge amount by selling these fruits.

We hope that all of you have understood all the important information related to pineapple cultivation and you can start a good profitable business by doing its cultivation. It does not require much effort in its cultivation and we also get good returns from its cultivation. Urmila tomorrow by cultivating pineapple we can start a good earning business and improve our economic condition.

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