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Everyone likes to eat snacks in today’s time and for this reason the market of snacks is very big in India. Talking about puff, you must have heard about it, if you do not know then it does not matter.Through this blog, you will get all the information, in this blog we will know completely about the whole process from production to its selling so that you can start the business in a good way.

Market Research –

Market research is a very important thing for any business and if you do a good market research before starting your business, then the chances of risk in it are greatly reduced.

You have to think about the following points before starting this business.

  • Target Customer – If you are starting puff making business, then your target customer will definitely be children, so you have to promote and supply your product in an area where there is a predominance of children.
  • Raw Material – Before starting any business, it is necessary to collect information regarding the raw material involved in it. Apart from this, you also have to find out from where you will get this raw material at the lowest price and in your expected quality.
  • Competitor – It is very important for you to find out, how many other people are there in your area besides you, who run this kind of business. And if you are the only person in your area who is in this business, then you will have a huge market to sell your product.
  • Machinery – For this business, you will need two methods of puff making machine and packing machine. You have to go to various online and offline markets to find out its prices and choose the right option.

Apart from this, it is mandatory for you to collect information regarding your product quality, marketing technique and workers working in your factory, otherwise you may have to face problems in future.

skills required –

You do not need to have any special qualification to run this business. Because the machine used in this is fully automatic, so you do not need to do anything special yourself. You just need 2 such craftsmen, who can operate your machine well. Apart from this, you also need to have knowledge of marketing methods, so that you can earn profit by expanding your business.

Registration and license for the business of making puffs –

You need some license to come into any type of business, the following will be the licenses involved in the business of making puffs.

  • FSSAI License – If you start a business related to any type of food item, then you must have this license. You can also apply for this license online.
  • GST Registration – If you buy or sell any type of goods in India or you provide any kind of service, you have is mandatory to have.
  • Trademark Registration – If you sell your product in a special packing and with a specific name, then you must have this registration. For this, you have to first think about the name of your product and get its permission after getting it checked, only then you can use this name on your product.
  • Other required formalities – Apart from this, you will also have to take permission by going to the local departments, this will include permissions related to the place, permissions by the sanitation department, permissions related to water, etc.

Raw material for the business of making puffs –

You need very limited things to start this business, so it will be a very easy task to mobilize raw materials for this. The raw material used in this trade is as follows-

  • Maize – The most important thing for making puff is maize, from which puff is made. You will need crushed maize to make this, but you do not need to worry for this, because crushed maize is easily available in the market.
  • Oil – You need oil both while making the puff and while adding flavor to it, so you have to manage it.
  • Spices – After the puff is ready, flavor is given to it, so spices are needed. These spices are ready and available in the market.
  • Nitrogen cylinder – After the puff is ready, it is packed. And when they are packed, nitrogen gas is filled in their packets so that they remain fresh. That’s why you have to manage nitrogen cylinders as well.

Machinery and Machine price for Puff Making Business –

For this business, you will need two machines, a puff making machine and a packing machine. The information regarding these missions is as follows-

  • puff making machine Puff making machine is a fully automatic machine, and its price ranges from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. And through one machine, you can make many types of puffs, along with this, when the puff is ready, then a machine is also needed to mix the flavors in it. This is a complete set, which will be easily available to you online.

You can check the complete information regarding this machine by visiting the following link-

  • Packing Machine – When your goods are ready, you will also need a machine for packing. The price of this automatic packing machine starts from Rs 1 lakh and increases according to its efficiency. You can choose the machine according to your budget.

Information about some packing machines is given in the link given below, you can choose your machine from this.


How to make puff –

Although it is made very easily in a puff making machine, but a process has to be followed to make it, which is as follows –

  • First of all, the crushed maize is mixed with oil and water and moisture is given to it. The water mixed in it is estimated, but the oil in it is 2 percent of the entire maize. Apart from this, a little salt is also added for taste.
  • After this the prepared mixture is poured into the container available in the machine. After this, as soon as the machine is started, puffs start coming out after processing it. In this you can make puff of any shape as per your wish, for this you just have to change the plate in it.
  • After this, when the puffs are ready, flavors are mixed in it. For this, you have to put the prepared puff in the container and spices are sprinkled with the help of a sieve and oil is sprayed, and together this container rotates, due to which the spices are mixed in the puff, the flavor is added. .
  • Finally it is packed with the help of packing machine. For this the prepared flavored puff is put in the packing machine and the machine setting is done. Now according to your setting, packets are prepared in 10, 25 or 100 threads.

Place to Required –

Location is very important thing for any business, so you have to choose the right place. You can shift the machines used in this business to any place even in a very small area. But you also have to arrange a place to store your finished goods. Therefore, you will need about 2000 to 25000 square feet area for this, so that you can store the finished goods properly after production. For this, you can select the area in your city according to your budget.

Marketing Strategy–

Marketing is a very important thing to make your product reach the customers and make it their first choice. The marketing strategy used for this business is as follows –

  • Pricing – These types of packets are bought more by children, so if you provide it at a lower price, then children will buy more of it. That’s why you have to make more small packets of less material.
  • Branding – Today’s customers prefer to eat only good branded goods, only few people buy loose goods without packing. That’s why it is mandatory for you to get your product branded and get the necessary license for it.
  • Beautiful Packing – In today’s time, what you see is what sells, so if you get your goods packed well, then your customers will be attracted to it and buy your goods first, and your business will grow.
  • Advertising – It is very important for you to advertise your product so that people know about it. You can use local news paper, local TV channel and radio for advertising.
  • Free Sampling – Free sampling is a great way to market your product. This will let people know about the taste and quality of your product and they will buy and eat it for the second time.

Investment and Profit for Puff Making Busines –

This is a low investment business, you can earn from 1 to 1.5 lakh rupees a month by investing only 4 to 5 lakh rupees in it. But to reach this earning, you have to market your product well and reach it to the people, then only you can earn well.

Thus this business is a very good and simple business. If you also want to start it, then you can think about it and earn good profit by starting it.

If you are planning to open a franchise business then McDonald’s Franchise Business can be a good option for you and this is going to be the topic of this blog, you will be given all the information about McDonald’s Franchise Business that how much investment you can take in it How old is the company, how much is its market potential etc.

What is a Franchise 

Before taking a franchise of any company, it is important to know that how money can be earned through franchising and What is a Franchise? Actually, when you take a franchise of a company, then you can open its branch by using the name of that company. For doing this you have to pay some fee to that company. After which you can sell the goods or products of that company.

McDonald’s Company History 

McDonald’s was founded in 1940 and was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald. In 1955, Ray Kroc joined the company as a franchise agent, started buying the chain from the McDonald brothers and became its owners.

McDonald’s headquarters are recently in the process of relocating to Chicago. It is expected that this work will be completed by the year 2018. At the same time, McDonald’s started selling its franchisees from the year 1955.

to be sold by McDonald’s products containing

The list of products sold by McDonald’s includes items such as vegetarian burgers, chicken burgers, french fries, soft drinks, milkshakes, salads, desserts, coffee. At the same time, people like the French fries sold by them.

McDonald’s important facts about 

  • McDonald’s branches are found in about 119 countries. That is, if you go to any other country, then you will definitely see McDonald’s there. From this you can guess that the business of McDonald’s is spread all over the world.
  • According to statistics, the food sold by McDonald’s is consumed by about 55 million customers every day. This number is increasing very fast.
  • McDonald’s currently has about 36,900 outlets all over the world and not only this, McDonald’s provides employment to more than one million people.
  • All the restaurants opened by McDonald’s are same. At the same time, inside and outside seating facilities are also given to its customers in many of its restaurants.
  • Where you take a franchise of another company, then you have to choose a place yourself. Whereas McDonald’s company’s rule is completely different. McDonald’s also does the business of real estate. If someone wants to take a McDonald’s franchise, then he can open his franchise at the place purchased by McDonald’s. Whereas McDonald’s charges the rent of that place like a landlord.

How to get McDonald’s Franchise 

To take a McDonald’s franchise, first of all you need to read the important document related to its franchise i.e. Franchisee Disclosure Document (FDD). In these documents, the conditions related to taking its franchise and how you will be given profit in it. Information will be given about this. If you want, you can take the help of a lawyer, who will give you good information about the franchise disclosure document. In the Franchisee Disclosure Document, the agreement related to taking the franchise has been explained in detail.

Where to get Franchisee Disclosure Documents 

You can find McDonald’s FDD online, credit card usage can buy by. Or you will easily get a free PDF related to it in Google. By downloading this PDF, you can easily read it sitting at home and get important information related to opening its franchise easily.

Procedure to get Franchisee

If you feel that you have the money and experience to take its franchise, then you can apply to take a franchise. At the same time, in the application form, you will have to fill basic information like name, address, phone number, date of birth and e-mail address.

After your initial application is accepted, you will have a phone interview and a test. At the same time, after passing both these exams, you will have to spend a few days in McDonald’s restaurant. During this, you will be told how to do their work. At the same time, in the end a panel will interview you and if you pass that interview, then you will get its franchise. In this interview, how do you run the company and what you learned after working for a few days at McDonald’s will be known.

(M)cdonalds franchise cost in india 

To take a McDonald’s franchise, you need 6 to 8 crore rupees. Out of which the franchise fee is 30 lakh rupees. On the other hand, if you do not have that much money, then you can take a loan from any bank. To take a loan, you will have to show any land documents to the bank. And you have to mortgage these papers in the bank.

how to get franchise in india 

McDonald’s company does not give its franchise directly in India. Only two companies have the work of giving its franchise in India. Out of which the name of the first company is Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt and its Vice Chairman is Amit Jatia. At the same time, the name of the other company is Vikram Bakshi Connaught Plaza Restaurant Private Limited. If you want to take McDonald’s franchise in West and South India then you have to approach Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. On the other hand, if you want to open a franchise in North and East India, then you have to contact Vikram Bakshi Connaught Plaza Restaurant Private Limited Company. From there its franchise is given for twenty years.

Can be opened in four types of locationshandjob Restaurant 

There are four types of McDonald’s restaurant franchises. About which you have been given information below. On the other hand, by reading the information given below, you will know what kind of franchise you can take.

  • traditional Restaurant Inside this type of location comes a place like food court, freestanding building, store front. This franchise is available for 20 years. Even in such franchises, great care is taken on the quality of food and service provided to the people.
  • satellite location Places like airport, college, hospital come under this location. That is, the franchises that open at these places are called satellite location franchises. At the same time, non-McDonald’s trademarked products can also be sold in these franchises at these locations.
  • STO (STO) AND STAR (STOR) Location In small cities, the stores that are opened in place of filling oil in the car, they come under this location. At the same time, you must have seen many such places in India, where there is a petrol pump on one side and McDonald’s restaurant on the other. Whereas the franchise period for STO and STR locations is 10 years. Meaning you can open your restaurant here only for 10 years. At the end of the period, you will have to apply again to take the franchise.
  • business facilities lease (bfl) Franchisees: (Mcdonald’s business facility lease) – This Franchisees are given on lease, which includes business facilities. Whereas BFL type franchise is given for three years.

Land related options 

There are two options for acquiring land to open a McDonald’s franchise. According to the first option, if you have any land of your own, then you can start its franchise on it. On the other hand, if you do not have any land, then the operator can take the McDonald’s franchisee on a one-year lease under the lease.

Option to buy existing franchisee 

If you want, you can also buy an already running franchise. You get a lot of benefit by doing this. By buying such a franchise, you find it a little cheaper. On the other hand, if you are not getting any of its existing franchisees earlier, then you can open its franchise at a new location.

give to McDonald’s company fees and profits 

McDonald’s charges the following fees from its franchisee buyers during the term of the franchise, below are information about these fees, which are as follows.

  • Service ChargeAfter taking a franchise, you have to pay a monthly fee to McDonald’s. At present, McDonald’s charges a service fee of 4 percent on the sale of its products. At the same time, after paying 4 percent fee, the money that is left is your profit.
  • Rent – McDonald usually owns the property and acts as the landlord. It charges you rent on a monthly basis. Therefore, before taking its franchise, read its documents carefully, so that you do not have any problem going forward.

what should be the place (M)cdonald’s location requirements)

You need at least 50,000 square feet of space to open a McDonald’s restaurant. At least 4,000 square feet should be available for construction. Apart from this, your store should be near two major roads. Also there should be good parking facility there. Apart from this, it is important to have a good atmosphere around that place.

McDonald’s Some important information related to taking a franchise 

  • After taking any franchise, you have to apply for a permit. Therefore, while opening a franchise in your city, do not forget to take a permit from the local government office there. You also incur some expenses while getting the permit. Apart from this, you also have to submit some documents there.
  • You have to buy all the goods only from the seller mentioned by McDonald’s. Because the same food is sold in every McDonald’s restaurant. Therefore, you should only contact the seller mentioned by the company.
  • The second most important task is to recruit employees. To run this business, you have to hire kitchen workers and counter workers and get them trained.

Everyone knows how high the demand for chocolate is in every market, whether it is a festival or a special day. Chocolates are definitely present there. People believe that the target customers of chocolate are children. But it is not so, nowadays everyone likes to eat chocolate, it can be guessed how big is the chocolate market, so if you are also planning to start a chocolate making business then this blog can be helpful for you.

In this blog, we will know about all the information related to chocolate making business, how can you start this business, what is its market potential and how much profit can you make in it etc.

Markets, Trends and Future Growth (Market Research, Trends, Future Growth)

Before starting any business, you should find out its market. You have to determine how you can make your chocolates business stand out from others in your area. For this you see, what kind of chocolates people make and sell in the market and what kind of chocolates people are liking. And accordingly you can make your chocolate. The growth of the chocolate industry has grown substantially both locally and globally over the past decade, and it is an item that never fails to lose its demand. Therefore, the future of this business can be very good. However when you make chocolate at home, the competition in this business is moderate. But if you make a good marketing plan for it, then it will give you more success.

Who can start this business? (Who Can Start This Business ?)

Any person who likes to eat and make chocolate, then he can start this business. Then whether she is a housewife, a teenager or a senior citizen. Any person who is interested in this business and has excellent skills in it, can start this business successfully and earn profit.

Required Licenses and Certificates (C)certification and license)

To start this business, you must have some necessary licenses and certificates, which are as follows –

  • Trade or business license :- The most important thing is that you have to get a NOC from the local authority for getting a business license. So that there will be no further trouble than this.
  • Company Registration :- If you are starting this business by opening a company, then you are required to register your company, so that it can be shown that your company is legally correct, because nowadays many fake companies are being formed, which are non- Legal works.
  • FSSAI Certificate :- Apart from this, since this business is of food product, so you need to make money for your business. Also Obtaining FSSAI Certificate Will happen. Along with this, it is necessary to inspect the kitchen by the health department of the state or country to make these food products.
  • Trademark Registration :- This registration is important for starting every business, because with this your logo will not be copied by any other brand or company logo. So that customers will not have trouble in reaching you. And their faith in you will remain.
  • GST Number :- Before starting a business, you must open a current account in the name of your business, for this you must have gst number It is also necessary to have

Training (T)raining)

You do not need to go to any training institute for this trade. For this, you can get all the information by doing Google through the internet sitting at home. On Google, you will find various places (videos, articles) for this, from where you will get all the information about chocolate and you can also learn the process of making chocolate from here. You just have to keep in mind that your chocolates should be unique and they should be perfect in taste too. So that it attracts people and you can get the benefit of it in the market.

Place for business of making chocolate (Location for Chocolate Making Business )

For this business, you will need a suitable location, which can be a market, super market and shopping mall. Apart from this, you can start this business by manufacturing chocolate sitting at home and setting up a retail store in the market.

Machinery and equipment for the business of making chocolates (Machinary and Equipments for Chocolate Making Business)

You may need the following machine to manufacture chocolate –

  • Melter :- This machine is used to melt the chocolate compound. However, you can melt it at your home on gas also using a double boiler.
  • Mixing :- This machine will help you to mix the melted chocolate compound. Apart from this, whatever ingredients you put in it, this machine will also mix it.
  • Controlling Temperature :- It will be helpful in controlling the temperature of the chocolate made by you.
  • Refrigerator :- You will also need a fridge to set the chocolates.

Apart from this, you will not need any other machine for this business. Since this business can be started sitting at home, some of the machines and equipment used in it will be available in your kitchen itself.

Raw material for making chocolate (Raw Material for Chocolate)

You will need the following raw materials to make chocolate –

  • chocolate compound,
  • silicone chocolate mold,
  • spatula,
  • essence,
  • wrapping paper for packing chocolates,
  • materials needed for packaging,
  • choco chips,
  • nuts,
  • Colour,
  • fruit flavor,
  • tray and
  • transfer sheet etc.

All these things will be easily available to you in the market, apart from this you can also buy it by ordering through online websites.

Where can I sell chocolates? (Where to Buy and sell Chocolate ?)

You can sell your made chocolates in the following places –

  • You can sell your chocolates in bulk in the retail shops in the market, who make and buy chocolates on order from you.
  • Apart from this, you can also market your chocolates around you and sell it by setting up your own retail store.
  • You can also sell your chocolates through online website to increase your business. But for this you need to have a website.
  • Along with this, apart from your website, you can also use any other reputed website like Amazon, Flipkart You can also do business by selling your chocolates through etc.

Marketing Plan

Prepare a marketing kit to market your chocolates made by you. For this, you will have to make a catalog of your chocolates, in which information about the price of chocolates, its video and the characteristics of chocolates should be given. You can use pam plates etc. to promote your business and also promote it online with the help of Facebook and Twitter.

risk (Level of Risk)

There is very little risk in this trade, ie negligible. So if you start this business on a small scale, then you will not have to take any risk in it. This can prove to be a good business.

Investments and Profits (I)investment and profit)

You do not need to invest a lot for this business, because whatever raw material and machinery is being used in this, you will have to spend a total of Rs 1,00,000 for all. And once this business is established, after that you can get a profit of 25 to 45% from it. For this you have to give your 100%, so that this business is successful and you get more profit.

Team Building / Staff

You alone are the whole army for this business. Of course, you can also do this business alone. However, you can hire a laborer to assist you, who can help you with some agency to carry out the work of carrying your order.

Children love chocolates. In such a situation, you can attract children by manufacturing different types of chocolates they like and start your business and make it successful.

Are you looking for a business that can be started with low investment and its demand, profit is high, then paneer making business can be a better option for you because it takes a lot of reasonable investment to start it and you will get more. Can generate profit and sales.

In this blog we are going to talk about paneer making business, how scalable this business is and will know about all the information related to it so that you can decide whether you should do this business or not.

Market Capacity of Paneer (M)arket Potential of Paneer Manufacturing)

Paneer is the largest market in South India. Although paneer is popular in almost every state of the country. The demand for paneer is high because in today’s time people are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, all are more like to eat food outside. And are also traveling to different places inside the country. That’s why today paneer is available everywhere. It is sold in various grocery stores, supermarkets, departmental stores etc. Since people mostly go out to eat, there is always a demand for it in hotels and restaurants, and hence the hotel industry is the major consumer of cheese.

At least 65% branded paneer like Amul and Nestle are being sold in the country. But the consumption of paneer in India is definitely increasing by 25 to 30% annually. So starting a small scale paneer manufacturing business can be very lucrative for new entrepreneurs. if you already dairy business You can also consider starting a small unit of cheese making business along with the existing business.

Production Capacity of Cheese (Paner Production Capacity

If you process about 500 liters of milk every day, then it will produce about 40 kg of paneer. With a production of 1 ton of paneer per month, 12 metric tonnes of paneer can be produced annually.

Paneer Making B Registrationbusiness registration)

Whether the business is big or small, it is necessary to register everyone. You will also have to register the cheese making business as well as get the business name and insurance cover. Following registration is required for this business –

  • To run this business, you will first need a manufacturing and business license, which you will have to obtain from your local municipality.
  • it’s the food item after that so you have to FSSAI Registration But before that, according to the PFA Act (2010), it is mandatory for you to comply with certain conditions for the production of paneer, which is that it should not contain more than 70% moisture and the fat content should not be less than 50%. should.
  • After passing this test, you will get MSME Registration in Udyog Aadhar also Have to do, which you can also do online.
  • Apart from all this, you are also required to apply for getting BIS certificate.

Requirement of space for cheese making business (Place Requirement for Paneer Making business)

In starting a small scale paneer manufacturing unit, you have to ensure a place. And an area of ​​at least 1000 square feet is enough to start with. Apart from this you will also need processing area, store room, space to store packing material, space to store finished goods as well as space for transportation. Apart from this, it is also necessary to provide you facilities like electricity and water. Therefore, before starting the business of cheese, prepare a project report of cheese manufacturing, only then you will be able to establish the business in a better way keeping all things in mind.

Raw Material for Paneer Business

The major raw material required to start the cheese business is milk and sodium hypochlorite or citric acid. Through which cheese is made. Paneer is one such product which spoils quickly. It can remain fresh only for 3 days and that too it is always kept in the freezer. If it is kept at normal temperature, it will not last more than a day.

Machinery for Paneer Business

Generally, the semi automatic manufacturing unit has been more successful in this area. However, modern and technologically advanced machinery provides various benefits such as good quality, high yield of cheese, extended life of cheese and highly nutritious cheese etc. Here we are going to tell you about some machinery which can help you in running this business –

  • aluminum cans for storing milk
  • motorized cooler
  • Stainless Steel Precipitation Tank
  • fat remover
  • boiler to heat milk
  • milk analyzer
  • Vacuum Packing Machine
  • deep freezer
  • weighing machine
  • labeling machine etc. for labeling

All these are available in online website like Indiamart or Alibaba. From where you can buy it online.

Process of making Paneer at home (Home base without machine P)aneer making process

Paneer is very easy to make, you can also make it at your home. Here we are going to tell you about the easy process of paneer, which will help you to start small paneer business –

  • To start the production of paneer, first of all the processing of milk is required. This means that the milk is first heated through the milk boiler. Milk is heated because it destroys the disease-causing germs present in the milk. It also effectively lowers the solubility of colloidal calcium phosphate. Milk is heated to about 60 degree centigrade.
  • Then a few drops of lemon juice or a few drops of citric acid are added to separate the water and solids from the milk.
  • After that it is filtered through a muslin cloth, and its water is separated.
  • For this, you keep it under some heavy thing, so that its water gets completely separated and we will get paneer.
  • Then weigh it on a certain weight and cut it into separate pieces, and pack it and keep it in the freezer.

Cheese packaging (Paneer packaging

The life of paneer is very short, so special attention is paid to its packaging. The packaging itself can extend the life of paneer. Generally you can pack paneer blocks in polyethylene pouches. Vacuum packing machine can also be used for its packing. After this the heat seal process is applied, and it is kept in the deep freezer.

Total Cost or Investment for Paneer Business

It is your idea to start this business in small scale, then you have to pay money on some raw material and other things like milk, transportation cost, citric acid, packaging material, electricity, fuel, transportation of cheese, boxes, employee salary etc. have to spend. For this you may have to invest up to 2 lakh rupees. Also when you are starting it on a large scale, you may need Rs 2.30 lakh for the cost of machinery and also around Rs 2 lakh for some raw material. And it may take around 5-6 lakhs to establish the business completely.

To start the business of cheese, you should determine its price. For this, you can sell paneer in the market at the rate of about 150 to 200 rupees per kg. Apart from this, if you can take orders from any hotel or restaurant, then definitely take it. For this, you can put the price of paneer according to the wholesale, which will be very beneficial.

for cheese business Profit Margin for Paneer Business)

Since its demand is very high in today’s time, so you will get a lot of profit in this business. You can earn at least 2000 rupees per day from its business. Apart from this, if you sell it in wholesale to a hotel or restaurant, then you can get more profit from it.

In this way, by starting a more profitable business at a very low price, you can make it a way to earn a lot of money.

If you are interested in doing business and want to start up your own, then it is very important for you to have enough capital so that you can grow the business in a good level, then if you do not have much capital and you can do business in less capital only. If you want to do this then this blog is for you because in this blog you will be told about a high potential business which you can start with low investment.

So the business we are going to talk about is dona leaf business in which you will get answers to all the questions from buying goods to selling.

What is Dona Pattal

You must have often eaten food in both the leaves at the wedding party or any function, never tried to know, what are those two leaves and how are they made? Actually, there are many types of both the leaves are found, some of which are of plastic, which are also called disposable. Some two leaves are such, which are also made of thermocol and some are also made from plastic. In today’s time, both the leaves made of plastic and thermocol are used, but in the olden times both the leaves were mainly made from leaves. Yes, in the past, both the leaves made of tree leaves were used in large quantities, but in today’s time they have been replaced by both plastic and thermocol leaves.

In earlier times or say even today, in some places, leaves of sargi tree and banana tree are broken and sorted and made into leaves, and bamboo sticks are sorted, cut and joined to make bowls and plates. Goes. Which are very easy to use and they are also very easy to destroy. But it is very difficult to destroy and eliminate both the plates made of plastic and thermocol. So let’s know how you can do such a business, which will be beneficial for both you and the environment.

Dona Pattal Business Registration

No matter what the business is, if it is registered legally, then a business owner does not have to face any kind of trouble or any problem regarding it in future. Although the registration process related to this business is not very long. It is very important to register both the leaf business, even though it is a small business, but without registration you cannot do this business. So let’s know the legal registration process of both the leaves business:-

  • When starting your business you need to find a name on which you want to give an identity to your business. A name that is different and does not resemble any business.
  • It is very important for you to apply for a license by going to the municipality of that area and the state in which you want to start your business.
  • If there is no error in your business or in everything related to the business you have collected, the municipality will grant you a legal license for your business.
  • Even though making two leaves is not an illegal act, but it is mandatory for you to obtain a license and take NOC from the Pollution Control Board.
  • You must register your business as MSME under a Udyog Aadhar, for which you will need to go to the district industry center near you.
  • Perhaps you have either taken a shop on rent or you will have a shop of your own, for which you will also need electricity. To meet the electricity requirement, you can take the approval of the State Electricity Board and get the commercial meter installed there, so that you do not have to deal with the power supply.
  • If you want to keep some people in your business as workers, then keep in mind that you do not violate any kind of labor law, for this you can be punished legally.

Dona Pattal Business Plan

To start the business of dona pattal made of leaves, you must have complete knowledge about it. If you do not have the information, then it is necessary to find a person who has complete knowledge in the business of both leaves. For this business, you will also need experienced craftsmen, who already know how to make both the plates or you can start your business by teaching them and putting them with you in your work.

Location for Dona Pattal Business

Any business becomes successful only when it is run in a proper place and at the right place. In such a situation, if you want to start or are interested in starting the business of both leaves, then you have to find a place which is suitable for your business. While setting up the factory of both leaves, you should see a place where any kind of dirt does not spread due to your work. Any business should be away from the crowded place, so that there is no problem of any kind to the people living nearby. The place of business should be open, so that there can be easy movement of means for bringing and carrying goods. Now in such a situation, if you will be present in a place where any supplier can easily reach, then you can earn more profit by running this business in less time.

Dona Pattal Business Market Potential for Dona Patal Business

In today’s time, the most use of both thermocol and plastic made of plastic has increased, but that is not right at all, because both plastic and thermocol are harmful to our nature. Both the leaves are used everywhere, whether it is railway, hotel, restaurant, dhaba or any public place. Thus the leaves and two leaves made of paper use can be encouraged. For which if both the leaves made of tree leaves are manufactured in more quantity, then they will also be used in more quantity, which is not a harmful substance at all for the environment. Because after using them, they can be easily eliminated. Therefore, according to the market situation, the business of today’s time with great need and simplicity is the business of leaves made of leaves.

Dona Pattal Business Required Raw Material

Not much raw material is required to make two leaves from leaves. As this business can be started by installing a machine even in a small place, similarly with the help of a little raw material, more profit can be earned in this business.

The first thing needed for the leaves made of leaves is the tree and its leaves. Banana tree leaves are mainly used in these. Therefore, you will need the leaves of a banana tree or the leaves of any such tree which are slightly larger in size.

Dona Pattal Business Machinery and Tools Required for Starting Dona Pattal Business

  • This business can be done even without machines, but it is very easy to do this business through the machine, for this first you will need a single die machine, which will be a hand press.
  • After that a slightly bigger machine comes from it, which is called hand press double die machine, in which two types of die are used. Which gives the right shape to both the leaves.
  • An automatic cup machine is also installed with all the equipment, which is required for making both the pattals.
  • Various types of dyes and modes are applied in the machines, using them the leaves are molded into different shapes.
  • Office furniture and other materials will also be required while setting up the factory of both leaves, so that there is no inconvenience to the colleagues working with you.

Dona Pattal Manufacturing Process

It seems very easy to see, that making two leaves is a very easy task, but when this complex work is carried out to the end, then there is a knowledge of how difficult this task is. But before doing any work, it is necessary to take complete training related to it.

  • To make both leaves, first you have to collect the leaves of that tree whose leaves are big and durable in size.
  • After that it is necessary to clean those leaves by cutting and sorting them properly. So that when put in the machine, any kind of dirt or speculation does not come in them.
  • After sorting those leaves, they are put in the machine, after which they are molded into the shape of plates and bowls.
  • Making two leaves with the help of leaves is a very easy process, for this you just need a little training, so that you do not harm yourself by doing any wrong.
  • When both the leaves are made in perfect shape, it is very important to check their quality, so that the consumer does not find any defect while using it.
  • After checking the quality, it is also necessary to make an attractive packing of it, so that the consumers, attracted by its packing, buy the product made by you and use them.

Dona Pattal Business Cost

Talking about the cost involved in the business of both the leaves, they are going to be very low because you will not need any kind of plastic or thermocol in it. For this you will need leaves, for which you can also plant trees around you and use their leaves to make two leaves. If you estimate the cost of the machine for making Dona Patal, then you can easily set up a factory of Dona Patal by spending a maximum of 10,000 to 20000. By slowly starting your business on a small scale, you can give your business a big size, in which your money will also be less and time will not be wasted too much.

Where to Sell Dona Pattal 

If you have successfully set up the factory of Dona Patal and want to reach your goods to the market now, then for that you will need some such suppliers who can take your manufactured goods to the main market. If you do not want to keep the suppliers for yourself, then you can go and get in touch with the shopkeepers in the nearby market who do business of both the leaves and sell them at retail price. By asking them their requirement, you can sell them the goods made in your own factory at your own production price according to their requirement. If consumers buy the goods from those shopkeepers and like the products made by you very much, then they will become regular consumers near that shop. In such a situation, you will be able to earn more profit in both the leaf business, because the shopkeeper will demand more from you for the goods made by you.

More profit in less cost in Dona Pattal Business

Trees can be planted easily and can be easily increased by taking care of them. In such a situation, making two leaves from the leaves of the tree and selling them in the market is a work that makes more profit at a lower price. Even though it is a very small industry, it does not take much time to start, nor does it cost much, but in less time, reasonable profits can be earned through this business.

In the end, we would like to say that if you have become more successful and tired after doing any kind of job or doing any business, then you can start the business of both leaves made from the tree. For which you do not need much capital at all.


Q: Why should one start the business of two leaves made of leaves?

Ans: As you all are able to see how much pollution is happening in today’s time, in such a situation, the use of both thermocol or plastic leaves is becoming a curse for nature as well as mankind. In such a situation, starting a business of both leaves made of leaves can prove beneficial for both you and nature.

Q: With how much capital can I start both the pattal business?

Ans: This business can be started at low cost. If the machines are not very expensive then you can start this business in just 20000 amount.

Q: Can this business be run in a small space also?

Ans: Both the leaf making machine is small, so you can install it in any small place.

Q: Does this business require more employees?

Ans: No, 1-2 employees are enough to do this business.

Q: Is it easy to have the raw material available for making Dona Pattal?

Ans: Yes, raw material is easily available to make both leaves made of leaves.

Pasta as we are Italian dist which is preferred in smoke, according to a survey it has been told that there is a minimum margin of 33% in the production of pasta, if you start in small scale, but if you pay at commercial level If you do, then the profit goes up to 50%, which is quite enough in the manufacturing industry.

So if you also want to work at the production level, then the business of pasta manufacturing can be profitable for you, in which you also find the investment reasonable.

What is pasta and its types

Pasta is a type of food product that falls under the traditional Italian fast food category. It is made of all purpose flour, which is mixed with eggs. Then it is baked in the shape of pasta.

Pasta is made in various interesting shapes and colours. Although generally the shape of pasta is in the shape of long and thin strips. Apart from this, when we talk about types of pasta, first of all pasta is divided into 2 categories. The first dry pasta which is sold ready-made in the market and you can start a business by making it at home. These pasta can be of many types like long pasta, short pasta, egg pasta, baked pasta and fresh pasta etc. Apart from this, others are in the form of wet macaroni. Which can be in the form of fortified macaroni, enriched macaroni, milk macaroni, vegetable macaroni, sautéed pasta and soy macaroni etc.

Although here we are talking about starting the business of making dry pasta, so you can start this business by manufacturing any type of pasta out of it and make it your way of livelihood.

Skills Required for the Business of Pasta Making 

The first and most important step to becoming a successful pasta making business owner, is having your own recipe. You can make this recipe with many experiments, products, tests and feedback. In the beginning, you can also learn it by searching on Google. You do not need to go to any institute for the test to get the required skills for this. You can easily learn it even sitting at home.

License and registration for the business of making pasta 

For the business of making pasta, you have to register some licenses and your own business in some places, the information of which is as follows –

  • FSSAI License :- Since you are starting a pasta making business and it is a food product, you will need the necessary permits and FSSAI License should would.
  • Health related license :- It is also necessary to obtain a health related license for the food product. You need to check with your local and state health department officials to find out how you will get this.
  • Business License :- Whether the business is related to food products or any other type of business, it is necessary to register it under the government. as well as you Registering business under MSME also Will happen. For this you can contact your local local authorities or business to industry basis All concerned can get information about getting licenses, and get all licenses made before starting business.

Raw material and its prices for making pasta 

Different types of flour are used to make pasta. Apart from this, the ingredients used in making it include maida, flour, semolina, egg, oil, salt and other hot spices. However, the material used in it depends on the process of making it and the manufacturer. Apart from this, you will also need some material for packaging of pasta like packets and stickers etc. The raw material used in this is available in the market, which you can easily buy from your local market as well. If you want, you can also order it online by ordering it. It will cost you 30 to 40 thousand rupees to buy all these materials.

Raw Pasta Making Process at Home

If you want to do business of making pasta from home, then you can make it very easily at home too. For this, many processes will be found through internet and other means. However, here we are showing you the process of making one type of pasta, which is as follows –

  • First of all, you have to mix equal quantity of flour and semolina together. And at the same time you also add salt to it, and filter it. The quantity of flour and semolina you have to take will depend on the order placed by the customers.
  • After this, you add some eggs to it, along with add a little oil. When all the things are easily mixed, after that you knead it like flour. And leave it like this by wrapping it in a packet for some time.
  • Now you can make different types of pasta designs with your own hands, for this, different designs of molds are also available in the market, you can also make it from that.
  • When it becomes in proper shape, then dry it. And after it dries well, you make small packets of equal quantity, which will be ready for your business.

Apart from this, if you know how to make the spices or sauces used in it in a better way, then you can also add it to it. You can get additional benefits from this. You can easily sell it in the wholesale market or even by taking an order from the restaurant. For this you also set a reasonable price.

Machine for making pasta, its cost and process of making 

The cost of pasta making machine ranges from Rs 3 to 5 lakhs. This is an automatic machine, which makes it very easy to make pasta. With this, about 150 kg of pasta can be prepared in 1 hour. 30 power of electricity is used in this machine. Different types of molds are also used in this machine, so that you can make different designs of pasta and other things related to it. You will get this machine online through Indiamart or some similar website. And from where you will buy this machine, you can also learn the operation of this machine and the process of making pasta, which is quite easy.

Required space for the business of making pasta 

When you are thinking of starting this business through the machine, then you will need a better place to set it up. For this, you must have at least 1000 to 2000 square meters of space. Along with this, the factory of your business or if you are starting it from home, then your home should be close to a commercial area. So that there is no problem in transportation. Also, the place should be such, where there is good facility of electricity and water.

Total investment and profit in pasta making business 

In pasta making business, you have to invest for machine, raw material, space and other expenses. You need to invest up to 4 lakhs in total for this. And you can establish a good business. Talking about profit, then after investing in the beginning, when your business starts running well, then it will be beneficial for you. In this, you can make and sell packets of 20 to 30 rupees per 100 grams and get a good profit.

Making pasta in this way is a very profitable and easy business, which you can start from home in a small way. People like it very much in the market, so you will get a lot of profit from it.

In the morning, everyone needs some coffee for the coffee, after which we start our day, but you know that 20% is hot enough when you add cream to it. And people love it so much? , The demand for coffee is growing very fast in India and as new flavors and brands of coffee come in, people are attracted to them. Whether you are with your friends or to meet your girlfriend on a first date, we order the coffee first and get started talking about your love for coffee. Also start a new relationship.

In such a situation, doing coffee business i.e. opening a coffee shop or cafe in India can be very beneficial for you. If the report is to be believed, then between 2015 and 2019, the number of people who drink coffee in India has increased in general. and gradually its number is increasing. In such a situation, if you also want to do coffee business, then we tell you, how you can start your business and become a good coffee man.

Select the brand name of your coffee shop

See, in this type of business you need a brand name, so that people know about you and your new business. You can choose any good one at your coffee shop or a new name or brand for the cafe. For this, you will definitely have to do some hard work, because there are a lot of coffee shops and cafes open in the market and they have their own official brand name. Always choose a brand name for your coffee shop or cafe that is not used elsewhere in the market, that it will be easier for people to know about your new business and the more people the new name will be More attracted to your coffee shop.

Types of starting a coffee business –

If seen in the true sense, then we can start our coffee business in 7 ways. It is not that you can start your copy business only by setting up a coffee shop, apart from this, you can also start your coffee business in many ways, so let’s know about them –

Cafe –

Starting your own cafe is the most expensive and hard-working business of the coffee business. In this, they usually offer the menu to their customers early in the morning or only after lunch and dinner.

Coffee Shop –

In this, foods made from coffee are sold, that is, cookies, machine coffee, cakes which are quite popular among people, are sold to them. If you want to start this type of business, then first of all, put your shop around a ball shop or theater.

Coffee House

People always come here to relax and hang out. If you are starting to open a good coffee house, this will be plenty for an entire city or a small town.

Retail Coffee Shops –

This is a different type of business, in which you provide coffee to people except by making your own coffee and selling it. It includes a lot of coffee related items like Marg Friend Press and also specialty coffee items like beans and gift ware.

Drive thru coffee shop

If seen in the true sense, drive thru coffee shops can do very good business and can also be beneficial for you. In this, you can freely sell any coffee food or beverage of your choice.

Carriage and Transport Coffee –

These types of businesses are usually done offline the most and they also get very good profits. Think of it as a startup because the focus is mostly on brewed coffee and package pastries, which are the first choice of the people.

Retailer Shop –

A retailer is one who usually sells roasted coffee beans products. That is, you can only forget the coffee beans and sell them in big factories at a wholesale price.

Choosing the right location for your coffee shop –

First of all, you should choose the right place, where people can sit for some time and feel comfortable and come with their friends or girlfriends, then there should not be any problem. These types of cafes are very much liked by the youth of today, where the view is good, where the location is good. Apart from that, you will also need to know, how many people live in the place where you are going to open your coffee shop, that is, what is the population base. Place your coffee shop in a place with good visibility according to the people. To avoid any kind of legal action, first of all make sure that where you have to put your coffee shop, you do not have to face any kind of trouble in future.

Prepare menu for coffee shop

The most important and special thing is, what do you provide to your customer. That is, if you have a coffee shop, then how many types of coffee do you provide to your customers and at what price. If the price of the beverages you offer is higher than usual, then your chances of making a profit are slim. So first of all, whenever you start your coffee shop, prepare a good menu. Also decide the price of your beverages in such a way that you get your profit and the customers are also satisfied with your price.

Official License and Registration for Coffee Shop –

First of all you need an official license, if you sell any kind of food or other items. For this you have to get Officer’s License through SSSI, for Private Limited Company. To get a license, first of all, all the pay items you sell will be checked by Apps SSI, then only you will be given a license, so that you can deliver your pay items to the customer. For this, you can register yourself by visiting the official website of SSSI and get the official license from there, for your coffee shop. Once you have got the officer’s license to start your coffee shop, after that you will not have to face any kind of legal action. This officer’s license protects you from future legal action and ensures that your business is officially respected.

Equipment needed for coffee shop –

When we start any type of food business, then we have to prepare them for this. You need mechanical equipment to prepare these food items. You should always use good mechanical equipment from a good place for your coffee shop so that neither your customer gets trouble in the beverage nor you. Because if the coffee offered by you is not liked by your customer, then it will not come again and you will have to suffer the loss, then always use good mechanical equipment. Apart from this, we have given some names below, you can also use these machine tools –

  1. automatic drip coffee machine
  2. high quality express machine
  3. industrial coffee grinder
  4. milk and water
  5. Food Cooling Machine
  6. fridge
  7. Container, Pump, and Bearing Miscellaneous
  8. Oven, toaster, and food maker
  9. Freezer and cold product storage

Apart from all these machine tools given above, you can also use other machine tools according to your need.

Customer Service and Recovery Service for them –

The most important and special thing is for a person doing business, that he should not always let any problem come for his customer, for him the customer should be equal to God. That is why you also have to give the best service to the customer, such as free wifi bill service. Like nowadays most people do not believe in table service and neither do they like it so much, because people do not like paying bills on table service so much, they feel disturbance. In such a situation, you should provide over the counter service to the customer. Apart from this, most of the customers coming to the coffee shop come alone and they always come to work on their mobile and laptop, so they always need internet. In such a situation, to provide good facility to your customer, you should provide free WiFi. Due to good internet speed and free WiFi, your customer will also be sitting in your shop for a long time, which can order a lot of coffee and profit will be yours in the end. Apart from this, it also depends on your personal thinking, whether you should provide free WiFi to people or you can also take extra charge from them, you have to decide for yourself, based on your customer base.

Marketing for the coffee shop –

No matter how small a business you start or no matter how big a business you start, until people do not know about your business, you will not get any kind of profit in your business. . In such a situation, it is very important for you to market your business first. for this you your own personal website You can also prepare, on which you can give complete information about your new business and you can also provide some good and beneficial information to the people associated with coffee. Apart from this, you can also do offline advertisements, such as by placing banners and posters, apart from this, you can also make visiting cards, then distribute them door-to-door among the people around, on which your complete information was given. in this way you good marketing for new business Do it, you will definitely get the benefit.

Investment and profit for coffee business –

If you have made a firm decision by following all these things given above, that you want to start a coffee shop or cafe business, then do not delay at all. Apart from this, in the initial phase, you will have to invest a little, that is, a lot, to start your business. In this type of startup, you just have to invest well for one time, if you provide the right price and the right thing to your customer, then you will always get profit. Don’t ever panic thinking that you have invested so much, now we will get its profit as soon as possible. There is never profit in any business so easily and in such a hurry, for this you have to take your business forward with hard work and dedication. Considering all these things, start your business and reach a good peak, this is our wish.

Employment Requirement for Coffee Business –

No matter what the business is, you will need employees or employees to carry it forward. No matter how hard you try alone, but without your employees you will not be able to take this business so far. In such a situation, you can share information about your new business with people on a good meeting or poster and you can also take out vacancies for the need of employees to start your new business. In such a situation, new youth will also get employment and at the same time you will also get good employees for your business.

Good Training for Coffee Business

First of all, you will have to work a little hard to run this business, as you should first do training to understand this business. Meet as many big businessmen around you as possible, know their ideas and understand what they do to take their business forward. Thus, to become a good businessman, you and your employees also need training. In such a situation, give good training to your employees and explain to them how and how to handle the entire management of the coffee shop and never let your customer face any kind of trouble.

So in this way you must have understood from all these tips and facts given above, how you can start a coffee business. You start your new business, and run your business without any hassle. It is our wish that you take your business forward and get success in future.