Today you will be using bags in many ways in your daily work, some of which are bags made of plastic, jute, cloth or paper. Today we will talk about bags made of jute, how they can be made and how to start a business of jute bags? And how much does it cost? What do you need to do before starting it? Today we are going to provide you information about all these things through this post.

Market demand for the business of making jute bags

Today, in the growing population of India, there will not be any person who does not use any bags in everyday work in today’s time. Whether it is plastic or cloth, but due to the increasing environmental interests, single use plastic bags are being discontinued and cloth bags are very expensive, so the business of jute proves to be beneficial. This is a high profit earning business with less investment. If this business is done with hard work and dedication, then the market potential of this business is huge. If 40 to 50 thousand rupees are invested in it at the time of beginning, then you can get an income of at least 5 to 6 lakhs per annum in the whole year. One of the reasons why the market contact of this subject is huge is that this business is growing at a growth rate of 18% per annum. This business in India is always beneficial in comparison to other business, because in this business India exports more than imports to other countries, so jute business proves to be a profitable deal.

Plan Before Starting Jute Bag Making Business

To do good planning for the business of making jute bags, we should keep the following things in mind –

  • In which area the jute business should be opened, it is very important to keep this in mind in any business.
  • Where to get the raw material used in jute? Unless you have knowledge of where to get the goods, you will not be able to start your business.
  • What means should be used to bring the raw material to the factory? How many workers will be required in the factory? It all depends on how big or small scale you are going to start your work.
  • How much profit will be made in the jute industry every year at what cost? It should have a fixed budget, so that the money you invest can be used properly and your business grows day by day.
  • The planning should be done only after discussing the areas to which the bags made of jute have to be delivered, so that you can get the money as soon as you start the business.
  • How many types and number of bags will be manufactured per day. Think about this in advance. A successful business starts with a successful business planning.

How many types of bags can be made from jute fiber

The business of making jute bags is such a business, where profits can be earned by manufacturing many types of items from a certain material. We can make different types of bags and bags from the raw material of jute. The bags made from jute and their uses are as follows –

  • Shopping Bags – We can manufacture shopping bags using jute. We can use these bags for shopping in the market. They are very strong and durable, they work for a long time without tearing.
  • Fancy Handbags – Through Jute we can manufacture fancy handbags which are used for ladies. These bags are very good looking and attractive in appearance.
  • Bottle Bags – Bottle bags are also made from jute. Drinking water bottles can be kept in these bags with safety.
  • Luggage bags – are going to be used for traveling anywhere, luggage bags can also be made from jute. These bags are attractive and fancy in appearance. Due to this being very strong, their use is also increasing rapidly in the present time.
  • Wine Bottle Bags – Jute bags are used for the sale of wine bottles in and outside any restaurant. Due to the attractive appearance of these bags, their status is different. Nowadays wine bottles are sold packed in these bags.
  • Marketing Bags – In order to market their business, nowadays shopkeepers write the name of their business and shop on the jute bags and give it to the customer. They promote their business with the help of jute bags. These bags are used by the public due to their attractive appearance, which promotes their business at a low cost.

Location Required for Jute Bag Manufacturing Business

Before starting any kind of business, it is very important to know in which area it has to be established. If the business is established in a place where the population is less, then your business does not flourish easily. If the business is established in a populated area, then the business grows very fast. If the business is set up in a developed area, where people are educated. So the business has more chances to grow. Similarly, if the jute industry is also opened in such an area, where the society living in it is a developed society, then the business of jute will spread easily. The society will use our bags made from jute and we will be able to easily export our bags to the shops of the nearby market area.

Apart from all this, if you are starting a small scale business, then you will not need a huge space for that. According to the estimated figures, you can start your small business in an area of ​​​​100 to 150 yards. On the other hand, if you have made up your mind to set up a big partnership business, then you may need a space of at least 500 yards to 1000 yards.

Required license and permission for jute bag making business

Although it does not require much paperwork to start this business, but following some small procedures is very important while starting every business:-

  • Firm Registration: – First of all, you must register your firm on how many scales you are going to start, either your firm is a unit in which you are the sole proprietor or you want to start your firm with partners. So you have to do the same type of registration.
  • Trade License: – According to Indian law, it is necessary to take a trade license to start any business, for this business also you will have to register.
  • SSI Unit :- Apart from all this you have to fill the application to get the certificate for your business under SSI Unit also.
  • GST Registration :- As you all know that now the GST law has been implemented in the country, according to which it has become very necessary for any business to get GST number by registering GST. Therefore it is mandatory for you to get the GST number for your business as well.
  • IEC Code :- If you are planning to export your jute bags to different places, then you will need IEC code for that. So make sure to fill the application for IEC code before starting the business.

Raw material for the business of making jute bags

Jute business is one such business, where the requirement of raw material is maximum. It is impossible to start this business without raw material. In the jute business, from which area the raw material has to be brought first and it should be ensured that the raw material is also fresh and well-organized, so that the bags can be manufactured in a good way and easily. In the jute trade, cotton strips, jute ropes, fabric colors, fabric rolls, drawstrings are used as raw materials.

Machinery Required in Jute Bag Making Business

Most of the work is done by machinery in the jute bag industry, and machinery is the most expensive in this. The following machinery is required in the jute industry.

  • To make jute bags, first of all we need a cloth cutting machine.
  • After that a heavy duty sewing machine is required, so that jute fabric can be stitched easily.
  • For this, a small simple sewing machine is also necessary, so that the work of small thick sewing can be done on a simple sewing machine.
  • Printing color paint also requires stencil equipment, so that any type of design can be made on jute.
  • The need for lockstitch machines is also helpful for making jute bags, because after sewing the jute bag in it, a lock is needed in it, so that later that stitch does not open and the bag does not burst.
  • In business we also need Woven Sack Bag Cutting Machine.
  • It is also mandatory to have a side sealing machine in the machinery part.

Apart from heavy machines, some small equipments are also required in the jute bag business, such as :-

  • cottage steamer
  • cutting table
  • dye paste stirrer
  • rubber wiper
  • Scissor
  • Inch tapes and other tools for measuring.
  • Cost to start jute bag making business

The business of making jute bags is very cheap and highly profitable business in cost. Most of the expenses of the jute business are spent in buying its machinery. Other expenses are incurred in purchasing raw materials, marketing methods and delivery of finished goods. If there are workers in the factory, then their salary also has to be paid, so always keep the number of workers in the factory small. Jute business starts at Rs 45,000, but if you do not have Rs 45,000, the government can provide you cash through Mudra loan. You get this loan without any risk charge, in this way you can start a new business and get the money back by paying very less interest.

how to make jute bags

  • First of all clean the jute reso properly. You can also use jute rolls as fiber rolls or you can also buy jute cloth directly from the market.
  • Buying jute cloth from the market is very expensive, for this you can also install a jute cloth making machine in your factory, which will cost you less.
  • After buying the cloth or getting it ready, you can make any type of bag in your factory and keep it in the printing press and print any type of print on it. After printing, leave it to dry well in the sunlight. This process does not cost much.
  • After drying, what kind of shape is to be given or what kind of bag is to be made, cut the cloth in that size with the help of ketchup and stitch it well with the help of heavy machine.
  • If you want to put any fancy item on the bag, then you can put it with the help of other logistic machine.
  • After that you have to manually install bamboo ladders or other items as per requirement.
  • After this this bag is ready to be sold in the market. You can create a good design and get a good price on it.

Where and how can jute bags be sold

The most important thing is, in which area and where we sell our bags. We know very well that jute bags are used more in the market area. We should try more to sell our bags in the market area. We should establish good relations with the shopkeepers of the market area, so that we can sell our bags easily. We should keep a fixed price for the bags, so that there is no problem in bargaining with any shopkeeper. Every year if a good number of bags are bought by any shopkeeper, then we should gift a beautiful and fancy jute luggage bag every year to that shopkeeper, that bag should have our company logo. By doing such things, the trader also becomes happy and presents a good image of our business.

Marketing of Jute Bag Making Business

Marketing is essential for a good business to grow. We want our jute business to spread well, so we need to market it first. In the form of marketing, you should print the pamphlet and give it to every shopkeeper and it is necessary to promote it by putting up big hoardings. If you manufacture fancy bags made of jute, then you should also go to every house and show the fancy bags.

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profit in jute bag making business

The business of making jute bags is very cheap as compared to other business. The annual expenditure of jute business is only 40 to 50 thousand rupees, in just this money we can earn up to 4 to 5 lakh rupees per year. If we want to grow our business in a large area, then more amount of money can be earned from it. It can also be a good home industry.

The business of making jute bags can be started very easily. If you start any business by getting the information while starting the business, then you definitely get success in it. If a business is started with ignorance, then that business always brings loss. If you or any friend around you does this business, then you must contact him.


Q: Which country in the whole world uses and manufactures the most jute?

Ans: There are only a few countries that manufacture and use the highest number of jute in the whole world, including our country at number one. After that Bangladesh, China and Thailand join this list. India is the only country that produces raw jute on a large scale and exports it all over the world.

Q: What kind of weather is required for the production of a jute?

Ans: The information about the season required for the production of jute is as follows –
1. First of all, for the cultivation of jute, the temperature of the sun up to 25 degrees is required.
2. After that rain is most important for the cultivation of jute, which is necessary from 150 cm to 200 cm.
3. An ideal soil is required for the cultivation of jute because for its cultivation it can be cultivated only in loamy soil with alluvial soil which is available near the river basin.
4. To make this farming successful, a plain and soft land is required, it can be cultivated even on less land.

Q: Can jute items be recycled and used again?

Ans: Jute is a completely biodegradable resource, once used, it can be used again by changing it into a new form. Its biggest feature is that it can be easily obtained and it is not harmful to nature at all.

Q: What are the benefits we get from the items made of jute?

Ans: We get the following benefits from the items made of jute –
1. Objects made of jute work to purify the air.
2. Jute bags or things made of jute are very helpful in keeping nature pollution free and protected.
3. Most of all it proves beneficial for those people who live in backward rural area and their condition is very bad.
4. By cultivating jute, the fertility of the soil remains and the fertility of the soil increases with the help of jute.
5. The production level of jute is much higher than that of cotton.

Q: When was the first jute mill established in India?

Ans: The first jute mill in India was established in 1855 by Mr. George Auckland, near Kolkata, on the banks of the Hooghly River in Bengal. George brought a jute harvesting machine from the UK to Auckland, who in 1959 set up the first weaving factory where all machines were powered by electricity.

Q: How is Jute Fabric Made?

Ans: By converting jute into cloth, the fiber stem and ribbon of jute are separated from its outer skin, all this process is done by the jute plant. The extracted fiber is called recording. In recording, all the masses are tied together and immersed in slow-flowing water. Jute cloth is obtained only after this whole process.

Q: How many types of jute are found?

Ans: Mainly in countries like India, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, South Asia and Brazil, two types of jute are found, out of which a white jute is called Corchor capsularis. The second type of jute is dark jute which is called toss or corchor olitorius.