QR codes have now become a name that must be heard every day. He became like a popular celebrity. These are all languages.

It must have happened. It makes human life very easy. Over time, it can also prevent us from making mistakes. You can do all the work with the camera without any problems.

You can see these codes from the smallest street store to the largest mall in town. Rickshaw Walla, Trolley Walla, Taxi Walla, Vegetable Walla, Milk Walla, Newspaper Walla, Grocery Store, Clothing Clothing, you will get a QR code at every type of store

.Paying it has made it a game of jokes. Apart from payment, you can see its use in marketing, website, blog, YouTube channel, app promotion etc.

Therefore, in our mobile phone a QR Code Scanner It has become very important to have. So that we can easily scan any QR Code.

To make this task easy, we have brought a way for you so that you will not need any app. Your phone will be saved from unnecessary apps and memory will also be free.

so let’s know you QR Code Scanner App How to scan any QR Code without

How to Scan QR Code without any QR Code Scanner App in Hindi

  • Step: #1 – Find your QR Code
  • Step: #2 – Visit QR.net
  • Step: #3 – Tap on Menu
  • Step: #4 – Select “Scan”
  • Step: #5 – Put Your QR Code in Front of Your Phone
  • Step: #6 – Get Result

Let us now know this process in detail and understand how you can scan any QR code without any QR code scanner.

Step: #1 – Find your QR Code

First of all, you have to find the QR code that you want to scan. You should not use any payment QR code for this purpose. Because, all payment apps have a built-in scanner.

Hence, the common QR codes that you may find in newspapers, books, magazines, hoardings or anywhere on the Internet. You have to find such QR code.

Step: #2 – Visit QR.net

After getting the QR code, it is time to scan it. So for this you have to run a website in your mobile phone whose name is qr.net.

Yes, you are going to scan the QR code without the app through this website. Therefore, type this URL in the address bar of the browser or copy and paste it from here.

Arrow Down

You will reach the homepage of this website.

Step: #3 – Tap on Menu

Tap on Menu to Open Menu Items

After reaching the website, you will see three horizontal lines on the right side. Tap on them. This group of lines is called a menu, so you have to tap on the menu.

Step: #4 – Select Scan

Tap on Scan to Start Scanning QR Code

Now the menu of qr.net website will open in front of you. In which you will get some options. From this menu you will find “ScanTap on “. Doing this will turn on your smartphone’s camera.

Step: #5 – Put Your QR Code in Front of Your Phone

Your camera has been turned on. And you can see the things kept in front of the smartphone. It means your scanner has been activated.

Now you have to do a small task. This smartphone has to be taken over the QR code that you want to scan. By doing this, your scanner will give the result in front of you as soon as it scans the code.

QR Code Scanning Demo

The result depends on the QR code. If there is any information in the QR code, then you will see that information, if there is an address of a website, then you will go to it.

Like we had scanned a QR code it was the QR code of our chief editor Hon’ble GP Gautam ji’s WhatsApp chat. When we scanned it, some result has come in front of us.

Scanning Result after QR Code Scanned

So in this way you can scan any QR code without any scanner.

what have you learned?

In this tutorial, we have told you how to scan QR code. You know how to scan QR code without QR code scanner.

We have told you to scan the QR code in a very easy way. We hope you like this tutorial and prove useful to you.