Computer and PC are becoming the basic need of the world today, it is being used by everyone, whether it is a student or a businessman or someone else, today everyone is needing it.

But do you know that it is necessary to have some software in your computer or pc, so that you can improve your working experience, then in this blog we are going to talk about 5 such softwares.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to know that software required for computer (Must Have Software for ComputerWhich are the ones that must be in every computer.

To make your work lighter, I am telling in this article what are the essential software that must be in your computer.

5 Must Have Software for Computer PC in Hindi – 5 essential software that every computer should have

  • #1 Internet Browser
  • #2 Cloud Storage
  • #3 Text Editor
  • #4 Music Player
  • #5 Antivirus Program

Let us now discuss and understand each software in detail. Why should you have these 5 software mentioned above in your computer?

#1 Internet Browser

Internet browser also known as web browser. A computer program that reads webpages and displays them for users in their language. For more details you can read this tutorial “What is web browser”.

Computer system will be considered incomplete without this software. 10 years ago today we could use computer without browser. But, in this digital world without internet can not be imagined.

Therefore, Internet browser is a very essential software which must be installed in every computer.

The interesting thing is that Internet browser is a free software and you can download and use it for free. You do not need to spend a single rupee on this software.

Following are the names of some popular internet browsers.

You can use any one of these five popular browsers to run internet on your computer. By the way, all computers come with a browser operating system in the PC. You can also use it.

Microsoft Edge browser comes pre-installed in Windows PC and Safari browser in Max.

#2 Cloud Storage

You will be well acquainted with cloud storage. Google Photos, Google Drive are the most popular examples of this storage which provide free cloud storage to your mobile.

You can get similar facility in computer also. For which you will have to install the software of the companies providing cloud storage in the computer.

One such service is provided by Microsoft for Windows PC, which is known as One Drive. You can use this service for free up to a limit.

I am telling you the names of three popular cloud storage services here which are as follows.

  • One Drive
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox

You can use any one of the three services mentioned above to connect your computer to cloud storage. If you want, you can also use more than one service simultaneously.

of cloud storage what are the benefits?

  • Availability at all times Cloud storage is an online storage service that is available all the time via the Internet. You have to connect your computer to the internet to access the data and the cloud storage will be with you like 24 hours offline storage.
  • without computer access You have read it correctly. You can access cloud storage from computer laptop as well as mobile phone. The cloud service can be accessed on any internet device through mobile apps and websites.
  • more secure – Cloud storage is more secure than the hard disk present in our computer. Because, this service is managed by big companies that specialize in this work. Therefore, cloud data is saved in a secure location.
  • Increase in storage capacity The memory of your computer is increased without the need of additional hard disk. You do not have to put any hard disk in the computer.
  • data backup – Cloud service provider companies provide data security. Hence, you get free data backup. You don’t need to do anything. Simply, the service has to be activated by logging into the dashboard.

#3 Text Editor

In the beginning, when computers came, they were also called typing machines. That is, text could also be written from the computer, which was done with the typing machine.

But, today text editing has reached a different stage with the advent of computers. The hallmark of which you are seeing through newspapers, magazines and websites.

Therefore, without a text editor, your computer seems incomplete. You keep needing it. Making notes, writing articles, typing poetry, preparing blog posts. You can easily do all these things by decorating the text in different ways.

Some simple text editor programs come free of charge in the computer. Using which you can do text editing. But, you need advanced text editor programs to do professional work.

Following are the names of some such popular text editor programs.

  • MS Office
  • Libre Office
  • Free Office
  • Google Docs

You will find all these programs mentioned above on the Internet. Out of these, MS Office is a premium program, the rest can be used for free.

#4 Music Player

The fun of enjoying music while working is something different. Music doesn’t let you get bored. You sit and concentrate for hours and keep doing the work.

But, just listening to the song is not enough. Your computer gives you complete entertainment facilities. You can enjoy the computer like TV. Also you can play your photos, videos in computer.

Therefore, your computer must have a music player. For this work, Windows Media Player is given in the computer PC. Due to which the work of a common user goes on.

But, this program proves to be inefficient for high quality media. Therefore, an advanced media player is required for this task. Which you will get for free.

You can use VLC Media Player for this task. It is the favorite media player program of computer users around the world. You can download it by clicking on the button given below.

Arrow Down

#5 Antivirus Program

Along with the development of computer technology, some invisible dangers have also come to the fore. Those that need to be prevented. Being a common user, we do not even recognize these threats. Therefore, the help of a computer program is taken for this work. Which is called antivirus program.

It is a security program that protects our computer from viruses (a type of computer program). This software must be in your computer. Without it today’s computers become buildings without guards.

Windows PC comes with a default security program Windows Security which is enough for you. But, this program only comes with Windows 10 operating system.

This means you cannot use it in Windows 7, Windows XP. These versions require you to enlist the help of an external security program. Some of whose names I am giving below.

  • McAfee Antivirus
  • Bitdefender
  • Norton 360
  • Kaspersky Antivirus

You can use the above mentioned antivirus programs for computer security depending on your budget and need. These are all premium programs for which you have to pay.

what have you learned?

In this article, I have told you in detail about 5 essential software for computer. You know that Internet browser, cloud storage, text editor, music player and antivirus program are very essential computer programs for any computer.

I hope you like this article and prove useful to you. After reading this article completely, do share it with your friends.

YouTube as we know is the world’s second largest search engine, which is being used by all the people around the world today, YouTube gives us many facilities like sharing, saving, etc. YouTube videos, but if you want to download YouTube videos. So for that you have to follow some different process which we are going to know through this blog..

Still, many users want to download and save YouTube videos on their devices. So that they can watch them later anytime without downloading. Apart from this, there is a need to download YouTube videos for various reasons.

Therefore, keeping this problem in mind, I am telling you the solution to download YouTube videos in this tutorial. So that you can use YouTube videos even offline.

The download facility available on the YouTube platform is completely different from this.

Benefits of Downloading YouTube Video

  • internet data saving
  • time saving
  • watch anytime
  • aids free
  • edit

#1 internet data saving

Internet is spent very fast on watching YouTube videos. If you watch videos in Full HD Quality (1920×1080), then more than one GB of data is spent in just one hour.

If you like a video very much and you watch it again and again, then you have to spend data every time for the same video.

The only way to save this is that you can download your favorite videos to your device by spending a single amount of data and then watch them from your device without having to go to YouTube.

#2 time saving

500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Which would have increased a lot at present. Finding pearls from this sea is a very difficult task. You have to spend a lot of time searching for your favorite videos.

So, whenever you like a video, by downloading it immediately, you do not have to waste time searching. You can spend this time in handling other work.

#watch 3 anytime

By the way, YouTube is also available 24 hours. But your data?

Only you can tell about this whether your mobile phone is full with internet data or it becomes empty.

However, after the YouTube video is downloaded to the device, that video is saved in your device itself. Which you can watch anytime without internet data. You do not need any internet data.

#4 AIDS Free

YouTube Premium is a paid service that YouTube provides for a monthly fee. By using this service, you do not get AIDS between videos.

If you want to use AIDS free YouTube then there is no better facility than downloading videos. You will be able to enjoy the premium facility without even paying any money.

#edit 5

Whether you are a YouTuber, a video producer, a video editor, a social media influencer or for any other reason, you need a video. Then you must have that video.

Therefore, you can easily edit and use the downloaded videos in your projects. Download videos and use them for any project, anytime.

YouTube Video Download How to do – How to Download YouTube Video in Computer in Hindi?

  • Step: #1 – Find YouTube Videos
  • Step: #2 – Copy Video URL
  • Step: #3 – Go to Savefrom.net
  • Step: #4 – Get Video Download Link
  • Step: #5 – Set the video quality
  • Step: #6 – Download Video

Let me explain all these steps to you in detail and tell you how you can download YouTube videos to your computer using this method.

Step: #1 – Find YouTube Videos

First of all you have to go to YouTube platform. It can be accessed through the YouTube website (https://youtube.com) to be accessed on a computer and the YouTube app on a mobile device.

Step: #2 – Copy Video URL

After this you have to find the video you want to download. To find it, first of all, go to the channel you have subscribed and go to the video tab and find the video. Or you can search the video by going to the YouTube search box.

After getting the video, you have to right-click the video screen by moving the mouse cursor. By doing this a Context Menu will open in front of you.

From here you have to open options “Copy video URLClick on the option to copy the video URL.

Copy YouTube Video URL from Context Menu

Step: #3 – Savefrom.net go to

Now you have to go to the website of a third party YouTube video downloader service. To open it, you click/tap on the button below.

After clicking / tapping on this button, the YouTube video downloader platform will open in front of you.

Step: #4 – Get Video Download Link

Type YouTube Video URL

After reaching here, you have to paste the YouTube video URL (which was obtained from step 2) in the URL box. To paste, press Ctrl+V from the keyboard or right-click and select Paste.

After doing this the video will be available in few seconds. Keep one thing in mind here that only public videos are available. It cannot be said for sure whether private videos will be available or not.

Step: #5 – Set the video quality

When the video is exposed, on the right side of the video thumbnail, you are provided with some additional options related to video quality. From here you have to choose the quality in which you want the video.

Choose Video Quality and Download

Step: #6 – Download Video

After selecting the video quality, click/tap on the Download button. Video download will start in a while. The download time of the video will be decided according to your net speed and video size.

So, wait for a while till the video is downloaded completely. Till then do not close the platform.

When the video is completely downloaded, access the video by going to the downloads folder.

You can do this task in the YouTube URL present in the address bar of the browser.ssCan also do by adding. Just put you in youtube url (eg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDtQ4VdGZqg) in www. behind “ss“And have to search by adding. After adding this the url will be as follows (https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=MDtQ4VdGZqg). Then you have to repeat the process from step 4.

what have you learned?

In this tutorial I will show you how to download YouTube videos to your computer or mobile phone. A step-by-step method has been described about this.

You know how you can download any YouTube video using third party YouTube video downloader. Along with, the benefits of downloading YouTube videos have also been shared with you.

I hope you like this video and will prove useful for you.