Many times while running laptop or pc, you need to open some important urls in the phone.

So you use normally open by typing in mobile but if the url is big then will you be able to do it?

Often you have a lot of problems in typing big urls, then if you are the solution to this then this blog is for you.

In this blog you will be told how you can easily convert url to qr code so that you can easily open it in your phone.

Yes. You have read it correctly. In this tutorial you will learn how to convert any URL into QR code.

How to Convert any URL to QR Code 

  • Step: #1 – Open Chrome Browser
  • Step: #2 – Type URL
  • Step: #3 – Click in Address Bar
  • Step: #4 – Click on QR Code Icon
  • Step: #5 – Download or Scan Your QR Code

Let me explain this process to you in detail and tell you how you can convert any URL into QR code using Chrome browser.

Step: #1 – Open Chrome Browser

Chrome Browser Homepage

Open Chrome browser on computer or laptop. If you do not have Chrome browser on your computer, then download it. After that open the browser.

The way to open the browser is the same as you open other software on the computer.

Step: #2 – Type URL

Website URL in Chrome Browser

After opening the browser, you have to type the URL which you want to convert into QR code. Or you have to search Google, after that you have to open the URL you like.

Step: #3 – Click in Address Bar

When the website is open in front of you. That is, when that URL is opened, then you click anywhere by moving the mouse arrow in the address bar of the Chrome browser.

By doing this the address bar will be activated and you will see all the tools in it on the right side.

Step: #4 – Click on QR Code Icon

From these tools, you have to click on the QR Code Icon. By doing this, the QR Code of the active URL will be ready in front of you. Which you can see in the screenshot below. It will look something like this.

QR Code made by Chrome Browser

Step: #5 – Download or Scan Your QR Code

Scan this QR Code with any QR Code Scanner present in the smartphone. By doing this, the active URL will also open in your mobile phone.

You can also download this code if you want. To download, just click on the Download button below the code. In a few seconds the code will be downloaded in PNG format.