As the summer season is approaching, the name of only one thing comes in our mind that is ice cream, ice cream is liked by everyone and if there is some different flavor then only joy comes, the most common and The best flavor is considered to be vanilla, so if you are thinking of farming, then vanilla farming can be a better option for you.

In this blog we are going to know how you can do Vanilla Farming and how much capital you need for that etc. which will help you to know whether Vanilla Farming is better for you or not.

What is Vanilla

Vanilla is a type of fruit that is cultivated and planted. According to a report, out of all the ice cream made in the world, 40 percent of the ice cream has vanilla flavor. No special place is required for the cultivation of this fruit, you can also grow it in your field. Apart from ice cream, almost similar flavors are used in cold drinks made in the world and in many other food products. It is considered a member of the “vanilla orchid” family.

Vanilla Farming

If you want to cultivate this vanilla, which is one of the most expensive crops in the world, then you can do it like this.


An area with a temperature of 25 to 35 degrees is required for vanilla crop. Along with the temperature, this crop also requires humidity, shade and moderate temperature. Although the optimum temperature for this type of crop is not found in every region, but if you want, you can create such a temperature by doing a little hard work.


The temperature required to grow these types of crops, that type of weather is available only in summer. This vanilla crop is planted only in the summer season. Vanilla crop requires a balanced temperature which is available only in summer.

Time –

It can take about 8 to 10 months to grow this crop, after which this crop starts giving you fruits after 3 years.

Required place –

Before growing the vanilla crop, one thing must be kept in mind that there should be trees and plants around the place where you are growing this crop and there should be some shade.

Required soil

Brown soil should be rich in organic matter to do this type of farming.

Where are Vanilla Seeds found?

Considered a member of the orchid family, vanilla is a type of vine plant. The trunk of this tree is cylindrical, as well as the fruit and flower of this tree are very fragrant. Vanilla tahini looks like a capsule. You can get many seeds of this pad from the fruit of this tree. This vanilla tree is found mainly in southeastern Mexico, Guatemala and parts of Central America countries. Apart from these countries, it is widely cultivated in countries and islands like Java, Madagascar, Tahiti, Zanzibar, Uganda, Tango, Jamaica and West Indies.

Market Research of Vanilla Crop

It is very important to know about the strength of the market before starting any business. Telling you about the vanilla crop, you would know that most of the ice cream available in the market is of vanilla flavor only. There is no harm to you by doing this type of farming, everyone can guarantee that. If you do business according to the season, then in that case you do not suffer any loss.

Machinery for Vanilla Farming

What type of machines are needed to harvest Vanilla? Whenever you harvest the vanilla crop, human machinery may be required at that time.

Vanilla Cultivation License Required

There is no need of any kind of certificate or any kind of license to do crop in India.

Staff Required for Vanilla Farming

Vanilla crop takes a long time to produce such a crop and it requires different types of workers at each stage. If you are doing this farming on a small scale then in that situation you do not need more people, and if you do this farming on a large scale then in that situation you need more people.

Cost of Vanilla Cultivation

You do not need a lot of cost in cultivating vanilla. Because you can plant it in your own field. To cultivate Vanilla, you only have to spend for buying its seeds and staff etc. Which will be around 50 thousand rupees.

Profit in Vanilla Farming

It takes a long time to harvest the vanilla crop. They say that the fruit of hard work and waiting is the sweetest. Similarly, the demand for this crop also increases very fast in the market and in the same way, this crop is also sold very expensive, about 30,000 to 40,000 kg is sold. If you do the business of this crop on a large scale, then in that case you can get a lot of profit in this crop and this business can make you rich.

In this article about the Vanilla crop, you have been told completely how you can grow the crop and do business with it.


Q: How long does it take for vanilla to be harvested?

Ans: It may take about 3 years.

Q: Is vanilla a fruit?

Ans: Vanina fruit is the only edible fruit of the Orchid family.

Q: Is it healthy to eat vanilla fruit?

Ans: Only a few plants of the vanilla family are edible and good for health, one of which is used to make many types of ice cream in the world.