If you want to do cultivation then Shatavari is a better option for you and perhaps you have come here to know how it can be grown, how much profit can be made in it etc. It is so make sure that you read the blog thoroughly.

what is asparagus

Shatavari is a very important plant containing a type of medicine. Shatavari lily is a plant of such a family with medicinal properties, it literally means plants with leaves. Shatavari plant is used to make many types of medicine. Shatavari plant consists of many branches and along with it it is 1 to 2 meters tall in the form of thorny vines, the root of this plant is in the form of master.

Another species of asparagus plant is found in the Himalayas, this species is found in the Himalayas up to an altitude of 4 to 9 thousand feet. Found in the Himalayas, this plant of asparagus is devoid of branches and thorns, that is, it is a straight and thornless plant.

botanical name of asparagus plant

  • botanical name asparagus racemosus it happens.
  • In contrast, the botanical name of the straight and thornless asparagus plant found in the Himalayas asparagus filicinus Is.

In which countries is the asparagus plant found? (Location)

Asparagus plant with medicinal properties is found in abundance in India as well as Sri Lanka and the entire Himalayan region.

Asparagus crop varieties (Type)

No popular variety of this crop has been developed in the market so far. J. s. 1 It is the most popular variety in the market. You will get to see different quality of this type in the market. The different quality of this variety has a great impact in the production of crops.

Ways to Cultivate Asparagus (Plan)

There are many types of conditions for cultivating satavar. By following the condition, you will be able to cultivate asparagus very well and will also be able to get a lot of production. If you want to increase the productivity of the plant containing this medicinal plant, then follow the steps mentioned below.

Suitable climate and soil for cultivation of asparagus (Climate)

For the cultivation of asparagus, the highest priority is given to laterite red loam soil. This soil has proper drainage facility, hence it is considered very important for the cultivation of asparagus. Apart from this, the cultivation of asparagus can also be grown in temperate and tropical mountain regions. It can also be grown in hilly areas like Kalrayan, Chevroj and in moderate altitude areas of Western Ghats.

Field preparation and crop transplanting for asparagus cultivation

The month of July is considered to be the best for cultivating satavar. In this month we should prepare our field for cultivation of asparagus. For commercial cultivation of asparagus, much priority is given to the small plants of asparagus as compared to the seeds, because the asparagus crop is prepared very well by planting small plants. Asparagus crop is also transplanted in the same way as paddy crop.

Asparagus crop needs irrigation (Water)

The field should be irrigated immediately after transplanting of Shatavari crop. Exactly one month after the first irrigation, we should keep irrigating regularly at intervals of 4 to 5 days. Irrigation is necessary after two to three irrigations regularly at an interval of one week.

Weed control for better crop production

As the asparagus crop grows, we should keep removing weeds regularly from its initial time. While removing weeds, we have to take great care of one thing, that there is no harm to the crop, because this crop is full of vines, due to which there is a fear of cutting its vines.

Asparagus Plant Protection

Some serious insect pests and diseases are not seen in the asparagus crop. For the protection of diseases in the asparagus crop, no more medicines have to be used.

Time taken from sowing to maturity of crop

It takes about 18 months for the asparagus crop to be ready, that is, its crop is ready in about 18 months. After 18 months from the sowing of Shatavari crop, we get the fallen root of this crop.

yield at harvest

When the crop is ready, after digging, we find wet roots of the asparagus crop, which we have to dry. After drying this crop, it becomes almost one third of the entire crop. For example, if you have about 10 kg of asparagus root in your field, then after drying it, you will get only 3 kg of crop.

where is the asparagus crop sold (Where to Sell)

Shatavari crop can be sold in developed cities like Delhi, Banaras, Lucknow, Kanpur, Haridwar. Apart from this, you can sell your crop directly to Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies.

Earnings and benefits from asparagus cultivation (Earning and Profit)

If you sell your crops in the markets, then you make less profit, that is, if your crop is good, and you sold about 10 quintals of crop in the market, then you can easily earn about ₹ 3,00,000. . Even if the quality of your crop is considered low, you still earn up to ₹ 2,00,000.

If you sell your crop directly to Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies, then you can get around ₹ 4,00,000 for 10 quintal crop, even if the quality of your crop is not considered good, you can get up to ₹ 2,50,000 can earn.

asparagus medicine

  • To reduce burning sensation in urination
  • To increase the volume of breast of women
  • to ease pain
  • in the treatment of digestive diseases
  • in the treatment of tumors
  • in gaining weight
  • to reduce throat infections
  • in case of loss of appetite
  • in insomnia

investment in asparagus cultivation (Investment/ Cost)

If you cultivate asparagus, then you do not need to invest much in it. The cost of sowing it and the cost of irrigation in the fields will be your main cost in this. Nevertheless, overall according to an estimate, you will have to invest about 10 to 5 thousand rupees according to the ratio of cultivation of minimum 1 acre to do its cultivation.

Risks in Asparagus Cultivation

As we told you at the beginning of this article, medicines are manufactured for the treatment of many types of serious diseases through Satavar and not only this, it is also used in many home remedies without medicine. Overall if we do the cultivation of satavar in this odd situation, then we will get very less risk in its cultivation and its demand is high in different area, so we will get only profit from it.

In today’s article, we all learned that What is asparagus?, How to cultivate Satavar?, Where do you sell your crops?. We hope that this article of ours has proved to be very beneficial for all the farmer brothers.


Q: Will cultivating satavar prove beneficial in today’s economic downturn?

ANS: Yes absolutely.

Q: When is it necessary to irrigate the satavar plant?

ANS: Regularly at intervals of 4 to 5 days.

Q: In how much time does the satavar crop get ready?

ANS: In 18 months.

Q: Where are the seeds of satavar sold?

ANS: Delhi, Varanasi, Lucknow, Kanpur and Haridwar.

Q: How much income can be earned annually by cultivating satavar?

ANS: Rs 4 to 5 lakh annually.

As the summer season is approaching, the name of only one thing comes in our mind that is ice cream, ice cream is liked by everyone and if there is some different flavor then only joy comes, the most common and The best flavor is considered to be vanilla, so if you are thinking of farming, then vanilla farming can be a better option for you.

In this blog we are going to know how you can do Vanilla Farming and how much capital you need for that etc. which will help you to know whether Vanilla Farming is better for you or not.

What is Vanilla

Vanilla is a type of fruit that is cultivated and planted. According to a report, out of all the ice cream made in the world, 40 percent of the ice cream has vanilla flavor. No special place is required for the cultivation of this fruit, you can also grow it in your field. Apart from ice cream, almost similar flavors are used in cold drinks made in the world and in many other food products. It is considered a member of the “vanilla orchid” family.

Vanilla Farming

If you want to cultivate this vanilla, which is one of the most expensive crops in the world, then you can do it like this.


An area with a temperature of 25 to 35 degrees is required for vanilla crop. Along with the temperature, this crop also requires humidity, shade and moderate temperature. Although the optimum temperature for this type of crop is not found in every region, but if you want, you can create such a temperature by doing a little hard work.


The temperature required to grow these types of crops, that type of weather is available only in summer. This vanilla crop is planted only in the summer season. Vanilla crop requires a balanced temperature which is available only in summer.

Time –

It can take about 8 to 10 months to grow this crop, after which this crop starts giving you fruits after 3 years.

Required place –

Before growing the vanilla crop, one thing must be kept in mind that there should be trees and plants around the place where you are growing this crop and there should be some shade.

Required soil

Brown soil should be rich in organic matter to do this type of farming.

Where are Vanilla Seeds found?

Considered a member of the orchid family, vanilla is a type of vine plant. The trunk of this tree is cylindrical, as well as the fruit and flower of this tree are very fragrant. Vanilla tahini looks like a capsule. You can get many seeds of this pad from the fruit of this tree. This vanilla tree is found mainly in southeastern Mexico, Guatemala and parts of Central America countries. Apart from these countries, it is widely cultivated in countries and islands like Java, Madagascar, Tahiti, Zanzibar, Uganda, Tango, Jamaica and West Indies.

Market Research of Vanilla Crop

It is very important to know about the strength of the market before starting any business. Telling you about the vanilla crop, you would know that most of the ice cream available in the market is of vanilla flavor only. There is no harm to you by doing this type of farming, everyone can guarantee that. If you do business according to the season, then in that case you do not suffer any loss.

Machinery for Vanilla Farming

What type of machines are needed to harvest Vanilla? Whenever you harvest the vanilla crop, human machinery may be required at that time.

Vanilla Cultivation License Required

There is no need of any kind of certificate or any kind of license to do crop in India.

Staff Required for Vanilla Farming

Vanilla crop takes a long time to produce such a crop and it requires different types of workers at each stage. If you are doing this farming on a small scale then in that situation you do not need more people, and if you do this farming on a large scale then in that situation you need more people.

Cost of Vanilla Cultivation

You do not need a lot of cost in cultivating vanilla. Because you can plant it in your own field. To cultivate Vanilla, you only have to spend for buying its seeds and staff etc. Which will be around 50 thousand rupees.

Profit in Vanilla Farming

It takes a long time to harvest the vanilla crop. They say that the fruit of hard work and waiting is the sweetest. Similarly, the demand for this crop also increases very fast in the market and in the same way, this crop is also sold very expensive, about 30,000 to 40,000 kg is sold. If you do the business of this crop on a large scale, then in that case you can get a lot of profit in this crop and this business can make you rich.

In this article about the Vanilla crop, you have been told completely how you can grow the crop and do business with it.


Q: How long does it take for vanilla to be harvested?

Ans: It may take about 3 years.

Q: Is vanilla a fruit?

Ans: Vanina fruit is the only edible fruit of the Orchid family.

Q: Is it healthy to eat vanilla fruit?

Ans: Only a few plants of the vanilla family are edible and good for health, one of which is used to make many types of ice cream in the world.

Brinjal, which is also called eggplant, is always found in the Indian kitchen and many types of dishes are made, which are very much liked by every Indian, it is such a vegetable that is often consumed on a daily basis. From this it can be guessed that how much it is demandable, then if the thought of doing this related business in your mind is coming in your mind then it is not bad.

That is to say, if you want to work in the big Easter, then brinjal’s farming can be a better option for you and in this blog we are going to talk about it on the topic, how much benefit you can get in brinjal’s farming, its what is the procedure etc.

Earn by cultivating brinjal

If you are willing to earn money and you are interested in farming then Brinjal cultivation is the best option. You can earn by doing its cultivation in the following way –

land for brinjal cultivation

The cultivation of brinjal, which is grown during the rainy season, is started from the first week of the month of June. For the cultivation of brinjal, first the beds of 1×3 meter are prepared. In this way, about 30 beds are prepared in one hectare of land. After this, before planting brinjal seeds and while preparing the field, 300 grams of NPK and 20 kg of cow or buffalo dung manure has to be applied in all the beds.

soil for brinjal cultivation

By cultivating brinjal in the soil which has more organic matter, you get more yield, and due to this, brinjal cultivation is done in loamy soil to heavy soil. However, for this, when the rainy season comes, there should be a proper arrangement to drain the water from the field during the rainy season. If you want, you can also get a soil test done before cultivating brinjal, so that you get to know about the nutrients of the soil, which has a pH of 5.5 to 6, that soil is considered good for the cultivation of brinjal.

Fertilizer selection for brinjal cultivation

To get a good yield of brinjal, you should also have a system of good manure to be used in the cultivation of brinjal. That is why it is advised that in 1 hectare of brinjal, you should apply about 150 kg of nitrogen, 60 kg of potash, 250 quintals of cow dung and 75 kg of phosphorus. By doing this, brinjal gets all the nutrients and they are produced in coarse and good quantity.

row material for brinjal cultivation

To earn good money from brinjal cultivation, you have to prepare its nursery very well, because when its nursery is good, it will be very big in size when it grows up, due to which its weight will be more and your earning will also be more. Will be As raw material for brinjal cultivation, you need brinjal seeds, urea manure, dye manure, potash manure and dung manure, nitrogen and phosphorus. All these fertilizers provide nutrients to the brinjal seeds, due to which they grow quickly.

Where to buy :-

To buy raw materials for the cultivation of brinjal, you can go to any agricultural store and from there you can buy these items. If we talk about the price of these items, then you will know it only after visiting the shop. Because the price of every item is different in every shop, although if you want, you can make cow dung manure from it at your home, due to which you will not have to spend money for cow dung.

planting brinjal

When eggplant seeds are planted, they usually mature within 35 to 40 days. In this way, the brinjal plants are ready within 40 days and when the height of the brinjal plants is 15 cm and the plants have four to five leaves, then you can start transplanting the brinjal plants.

By the way, you can start transplanting brinjal plants in the second week of July. However, during the planting of brinjal plants, you have to keep in mind that you have to keep the distance between two brinjal plants at least 1 meter. You can transplant about 7000 brinjal plants per acre. When these plants are ready, you will get about 120 quintals of brinjal per acre from brinjal cultivation. You can use different varieties of brinjal to grow brinjal. If you want, you can sow the good varieties of brinjal.

Improved varieties of brinjal

Punjab Chamkila, Pant Samrat, Akrishil Azad Kranti, Pusa Kranti, Pusa Purple Long, PH-4, Pusa Anmol, Pusa Purple, Cluster, Pant Baigan, 126-5, Pant Baigan-61, Kalyanpur, Vijay, Kalyanpur Ta-1 ,2, Pusa Purple, Pant Brinjal 91-2, Kalyanpur Ta-4, Punjab Bahar, Type-3, BR 112

Harvesting time of ready brinjal

To get a good price for the brinjal crop, you should harvest the brinjal before it is fully ripe, because the demand for brinjal broken before it is fully ripe is high in the market and people also give a good price for it. Huh. But before harvesting brinjal, you should pay attention to the color and size of brinjal. You should keep in mind that you should harvest the brinjal only when it starts to look attractive and smooth.

Ready Brinjal Storage

Brinjal is counted among such vegetables, which cannot be stored for a long time. If it is stored for a long time, then the moisture inside it gets removed, due to which it is sold at a lower price in the market. However, if you wish, you can store brinjals at 11°C for up to 3 weeks. By doing this, the moisture content of brinjal can be saved up to 92%.

Machine and necessary tools for cultivation of brinjal

Cultivation of improved brinjal cannot be done without the necessary means, that is why you must arrange some resources before cultivating brinjal.

  • To cultivate brinjal, you have engine arrangement to give water to brinjal,
  • Pipe arrangement to carry water to brinjal,
  • If you irrigate by motor, then the arrangement of motor,
  • Khurpi and hoe for weeding and weeding,
  • There should be a tool like shovel for making brinjal beds.

All these tools are very useful for you in the cultivation of brinjal, so before cultivating brinjal or preparing the nursery of brinjal, you should collect them.

cost :-

If we talk about the cost of all these tools, then their price can be different. However, according to an estimate, the cost of an irrigation engine can be around 15,000, the cost of an irrigation motor can be around 7,000. You can use any thing for irrigation out of this and whatever else you have, you will easily get it within 5,000.

Where to buy :-

You will easily find things like shovel, hoe, khurpi at shops carrying agricultural goods. Apart from this, you can buy engine from engine shop and motor from any electrical shop and if you do not find these things in your local market, then you can also order it by booking online.

Selection of site for cultivation of brinjal

Let us tell you that a place with moderately warm climate is considered good for the cultivation of brinjal, although it is not that it is not cultivated in other places. Brinjal cultivation can be done very easily in almost most of our areas in India. However, wherever you cultivate it, there should be a good drainage system, so that its field does not fill with too much water. Brinjal cultivation can also rot due to excessive watering and your brinjal nursery can also be ruined.

where to sell brinjals

As you know that, in our India farmers are called Annadata. That’s why they have a right on their crops. When the farmer’s crop or vegetables are ready, then the farmers can easily go to the nearby market and sell their vegetables at the local level. Apart from this, if he wants, he can sell his vegetables on a large scale by planting his Khatauni in the market located around him.

Required license for cultivation of brinjal

There are some farmers who send their vegetables to other cities and other states. In such a situation, it is mandatory for them to get a trader’s license. Traders having license, they can send or sell their vegetables anywhere across India, but if farmers sell vegetables in their local market then they do not need any kind of license for this, the same market On selling his vegetables in the country (if his vegetables are in excess) then the farmer has to plant his field. Later, the money for his entire vegetable is sent by the government in his Khatauni.

cost of brinjal cultivation

If we talk about the total cost involved in the cultivation of brinjal, then it depends on the size of the field, the bigger your farm and the more quantity of brinjal you plant, the higher will be your cost and You will get more profit later. Below we are telling you about the cost of cultivating brinjal in one bigha farm. If you have 2 bighas of farmland, you can double the data given below, whereas if you have three bighas of farmland, you can triple the data given below. In this way, the more bighas of land you have, the more you can multiply the data given below.

  • You can plant 900 brinjal saplings in one bigha field, thus the cost of 900 brinjal seeds will be around ₹ 2700.
  • Apart from this, irrigation of plant with brinjal has to be done at least 4 times till the harvest of brinjal and it takes at least 2 hours by engine to irrigate one bigha field. In this way, to run the engine for 2 hours, you will need ₹ 200 diesel.
  • For irrigation, if you use engine, then 15000 or if you use motor, then it will cost ₹ 7000.
  • Apart from this, to give water to the brinjal field, you will also have to buy a pipe according to the distance. The longer the pipe, the more money you will have to invest.
  • You will get the equipment used in the cultivation of brinjal under 5000.
  • Apart from this, all the fertilizers we have told you about above, all those fertilizers will be available for at least ₹ 2500 to put in one bigha field.

Earning and profit from brinjal cultivation

How much profit can be made from the cultivation of brinjal, it depends that at the time when your brinjal is ready, what is the rate of ready brinjal going on in the market, because the rate of vegetables is sometimes low or sometimes high. That is why it cannot be said with certainty about how much profit can be made from violet cultivation, but it can be said that if the size of your brinjal is large, as well as there is no disease of any kind in it and There is a good rate of brinjal going on in the market at the time when your brinjals are ready, then you can make a good profit.

Risks in Brinjal Cultivation

If we talk about the risk in the cultivation of brinjal, then the biggest danger in this is the damage to the leaves of the brinjal plant and the prepared brinjal by various types of insects. There are many insects that break the leaves of the brinjal plant. Apart from this, some insects directly attack on the root of brinjal, due to which the root of brinjal gets damaged and that tree dries up. That is why you should use insecticides on brinjal plants from time to time. To spray on brinjal plants, you can mix a medicine called phydol with stove ash and spray it in the morning when there is little water on brinjal leaves. By doing this, harmful insects are not able to attack brinjal leaves and brinjal roots and prepared brinjal.

“How to earn money by cultivating brinjal” We hope that after reading this post of ours, you must have got a good idea about the cultivation of brinjal. If you have any query related to the cultivation of brinjal, then you can ask your question through the comment box. We will surely reply you.


Q: Is it beneficial to cultivate brinjal?

Ans: Yes, but if it is done properly and with complete information about it.

Q: How much profit can be made from the cultivation of brinjal?

Ans: It depends on how much quantity of brinjal you have sown and the quality of your brinjal. Apart from this, it also depends on the market value.

Q: What diseases are there in brinjal?

Ans: Leaf spot disease, Organ disease, Scorching disease, Malani disease, Small leaf disease, Sutkarmi disease,

Q: In which countries the cultivation of brinjal is more?

Ans: Apart from India, the cultivation of brinjal is more in China.

Q: Which is the best climate for the cultivation of brinjal?

Ans: Warm climate is considered good for the cultivation of brinjal.

Q: In how many days do brinjal plants get ready?

Ans: After planting the seeds of brinjal, its plants are ready in 40 days.

To take care of health, people include workouts in their routine and also consume fruits in their diet on a daily basis, everyone knows about fruits, how beneficial they are for our body, about the same fruit. I am going to talk about which vitamins are found in large quantities and they are quite lean, so if you want to do the farming of any fruit, then pineapple can be a better option for you because its demand is also very high and in this you You can also earn very good profit.

In this blog, we are going to talk about Pineapple farming, what profit you can earn in it, what can be the process of farming etc. so that you can do successful farming.

Right time to grow Pineapple

Friends, the pineapple plant comes under the cactus species. If we cultivate it, then all kinds of work related to its maintenance to its management can be done in a very easy way. We do not need to pay much special attention related to the weather while doing its cultivation. There are many plants or fruits, on which the effect of the weather becomes very early, but we do not get to see any such seasonal effect on the cultivation of pineapple. We can do this cultivation many times in a season. Like Kerala and Kerala, in many other states too, farmers cultivate pineapple for 12 months and earn profit. Friends, pineapple crop is a summer crop and it is mainly cultivated between January to March and May to July.

How to Cultivate Pineapple (How to do)

We should pay special attention to some important things to do its cultivation.

  1. When we are planting grain plants in the fields, it is necessary to have a distance of about 25 cm between each plant.
  2. Talking about the same queue, its distance should be around 60 cms.
  3. Friends, pineapple is cultivated in an area of ​​89000 hectares of land.

Pineapple Farming where is

Pineapple is cultivated in almost the entire North East region of India, West Bengal, Kerala, Karnataka, Bihar, Goa and Maharashtra, and can be started from any month of the year. For this you just need to have good land.

in pineapple cultivation need for irrigation

Let’s friends now read further in this article and know that when we need to irrigate when and for how much time interval to do its cultivation and what is the process of doing that?, read its information in detail below. .

  • Pineapple plants need to be irrigated approximately once in every 15 days.
  • This plant does not require much care, as it does not require much irrigation.
  • Pineapple plants need shade and if there is too much sunlight, its plants may gradually wither and hide and die one at a time.
  • It is very important to plant the plants at the prescribed distance during its transplantation, otherwise its plants gradually get spoiled.
  • Fertilizer for friends requires DAP, Potash and Light Super Urea. The dosage of all these fertilizers is ensured on the basis of the area of ​​land and then the fertilizer is given to the plants.
  • Friends, we can earn profits by growing a light crop in the middle of the pineapple plants.

Pineapple Farming In need to plant a new crop

For your information, let us tell you that if today’s plants bear fruit only once. That means you can get pineapple fruit only once in one lot and then to get another lot we have to grow another crop of pineapple.

Pineapple Farming invested in

If you have land to cultivate pineapple, then you may have to invest at least 20 thousand rupees from growing its crop to selling its fruit. But later you will get a lot of profit from it.

profit in pineapple farming

By now you have learned in this article how to cultivate pineapple and you have also learned the important things related to it and you friends, the biggest question will be arising in you that after all, how much good profit can we earn by cultivating pineapple. So let us tell you that by cultivating it, we get a high amount of yield and from this point of view, cultivating it can prove to be a great business. If you plant a total of 15 to 20000 saplings per hectare over a large distance, then you can get a yield of about 10 to 15 tons of fruits and you can easily earn a huge amount by selling these fruits.

We hope that all of you have understood all the important information related to pineapple cultivation and you can start a good profitable business by doing its cultivation. It does not require much effort in its cultivation and we also get good returns from its cultivation. Urmila tomorrow by cultivating pineapple we can start a good earning business and improve our economic condition.

In today’s time, people have become very active about their health because as we know that with the development of the country, diseases are also increasing at the same rate, you must be thinking that it has to do with the poultry business. Actually, as the trend of fitness has increased among the people, such people have started going to the gym, due to which they are consuming more eggs and chicken than before.

So it can be estimated from the fact that the poultry firm can be even more profitable in the coming time, so if you are also thinking of doing poultry firm business then you need to know some important things which we are going to know in this blog.

You need the right place to start a poultry business:

This requires a little more space. The space used in this business plays a big role. Below are details of where you will need to set up a poultry and dairy farm.

Poultry farms and dairy farms need clean, long areas. This is actually the most expensive part of this business, but don’t be afraid of it. To do this business on a small scale, you can use the land around your house. The length and width of the land used depends on the number of cattle and chickens raised. Below are some specific descriptions of the environment.

  • For this, especially such places should be selected, which are a little away from the city, so that the animals do not have any problem with horn etc.
  • At your chosen place, decide that there will be no shortage of water in any way. If you want to put the form around the house, then you will not face this problem.
  • Before choosing a place, take stock of the transportation system there.

loan for poultry (Poultry farming subsidy):

The government partially gives loan for poultry farm. Imagine that you want to establish a poultry farm and have made a budget of Rs 1 lakh, although its budget is above 1 lakh. However, if there is a budget of Rs 1 lakh, then government on provides a subsidyFor general category people, 25% percent ie subsidy of Rs 25000 and if you belong to ST / SC category, then 35% percent subsidy of Rs 35000 is given. This subsidy is given by NABARD and MAME. Similarly you can spend less You can start a pen making business.

How to apply for loan for poultry farming (How to apply Loan for poultry farming):

The government implements many schemes to promote this business, but people do not get information about these schemes and they are deprived of their benefits. Meaning of Subsidy That is, all the money that is required is met through the medium of loan. In this way, you do not need to invest a single penny from your home. Many times people do not take advantage of these schemes thinking about various misconceptions like loans etc. Any bank gives easy loan for this work. In fact, the Government of India has given instructions to various banks of the country to give loans for farming. So they are committed to give farming loan. Along with this, the government also bears the risk of farming loan.

for poultry farming interest rate (Poultry farm interest rates):

0% rate is applicable on the loan taken for this business, i.e. you do not need to return any kind of interest to the bank other than the principal amount.

how to set up a poultry farming business (How to manage and start poultry farm business in hindi):

Because this business gets full support from the government, so it needs to be started in a very systematic way. Here its essential facts are being described.

  • choose location: Select the location first. Make all the necessary arrangements for the animals to stay at this place. Arrangements also have to be made for the cleanliness of the place.
  • Registration : After this, your poultry farm can be converted by MSME to a company or Registered through MSME do it. With the help of MSMEs Udyog Aadhaar Registration Gets done easily. To register for Udyog Aadhar, keep the following things in mind.
    1. Online registration in Udyog Aadhar can be done very easily. For online registration visit the website udyogaadhar.gov.in.
    2. After visiting this website, you have to enter the Aadhar number and name of the entrepreneur there. After that click on the option ‘Validate Aadhaar’.
    3. By clicking on this, your Aadhaar is validated and further processing has to be done.
    4. After Aadhaar Validated Company Name, Company Type, Business Address, State, District, Pin Number, Mobile Number, Email of Business, Date of Commencement of Business, Pre-Registration Details, Bank Details, NIC Code, In Company Enter the captcha by entering the number of people working, the amount of investment etc.
    5. After that click on submit button.
    6. Now the certificate is generated by the MSME, after that the certificate also comes in your email. You can print it from this email and put it in your office.

In this way your company gets registered and with its help you can also take loan or use it for other formal work also.

  • Maths: After this, on a plain paper, make a handwritten account of the expenses involved in making a poultry or dairy farm, such as the cost of making a roof, making a stand, a net, etc. After this, with this account, reach your nearest bank with your address proof, your identity card etc.
  • service bank loan: Service bank loan is the process after the loan is received. Under this process, the borrower has to sign various forms.
  • subsidy release: The best part of this is that the same bank from which you are taking the loan does the subsidy session through NABARD. There is no need to go to any other place for subsidy. This subsidy automatically reaches your bank account.

In this way your poultry farming business gets established.

benefits of poultry farming (Farming business benefits):

  • Poultry and dairy farming is not happening in a very systematic way in the country at the moment. Therefore, to promote it, the government is offering various facilities and 0% interest rate.
  • If you are a farmer, then there is no need to worry too much about feeding the animals, because a portion of the grain produced and straw etc. will be used to prepare the feed for the cattle.
  • Many other unemployed people get different types of work from poultry farms.
  • In India, almost all types of dairy and poultry farm products are consumed in very large quantities, so there is a huge expectation of profit in it.
  • This is such a business, which if run well, can become the owner of a good poultry farm by paying off the government loan at one time.

Therefore, it is clear from the above mentioned things that poultry farm can be started very easily with the help of government and at the same time a lot of profit can be earned.