Leather belts are an accessory which is needed by both men and women, the demand for leather belts in the market is as much as clothes because many people wear it in fashion, so if you want to do a business related to this, then leather belt making The machine can be profitable for you and in this blog you will be given all the information related to how you can start this business.

Business Registration & License for Leather Belt manufacturing Business

To start a small leather belt making unit, you will need several licenses and register your business in some places, see about it here –

  • Registration under ROC :- It is necessary that you register your business under ROC with a brand name as per the state rules.
  • Trade License :- It is also necessary to obtain a trade license for your business with the local municipal corporation or such other authority.
  • Udyog Aadhaar and MSME Registration :- you this industry base for business And Application for MSME registration also will have to do. Because it helps you to get maximum benefits like easy approval of bank loan, reduction in interest rate etc as well as facilities provided under MSME Act.
  • IEC Number or Export License :- If you want to export leather belts anywhere outside India, you can get export license or IEC number from Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).
  • NOC :- Since the business of making leather belts does not generate any kind of pollution. Because the main raw material used in it is easily available in the market. Therefore, there is no need to take any approval or consent from the pollution board.

Apart from this, if you are facing any problem in knowing about the various steps to get the license, you can contact your local authorities for more details.

Market demand and promotion

Before starting any business, it is necessary to research its demand in the market and about it. And with the promotion of that business more and more, it increases. Therefore, to establish your business, you should look at the following points –

  • Market potential of the business :- First of all, you have to do research and find out the demand of the chosen business in your local market or state or country.
  • Competition in the market :- This business may have high market potential, but it may also have many competitors in the market. Due to which you will have difficulty in establishing your business in a suitable area. Therefore, it is better that you establish your business only after finding out about your competitor.
  • Advantages and disadvantages :- Every business has its advantages and disadvantages. With a proper research, you can find out the various advantages and disadvantages, and plan your business setup accordingly.
  • Total investment required:- With a proper research, you can get the approximate amount of capital required to start and run the business in the right way. About 3 lakh rupees may be required for the business of leather belt.
  • Market and Customer :- To sell the product made by the company, it is necessary to find out the market and also the different customers.
  • Business promotion: Once you have started your business, after that you have to promote it, so that people are attracted to your product and they can buy it and take advantage of you.

In this way, you can earn more profit by establishing your business by doing various research.

Leather Belt Manufacturing Machinery 

The following machinery is required to make leather belts –

  • Power Operated Strap Cutting Machine
  • Upper Leather Skiving Machine
  • Single Needle Flatbed Industrial Sewing Machine
  • side crossing machine etc.

Raw material for making leather belts 

Some raw materials are required to make leather belts, in which the most important raw materials are Chrome Tend Upper Leather and Split Leather. Apart from this, you will also need tools and some hand use tools to make holes as well as other tools like buckle, thread, solution etc. You will also have to buy some material from the market for the packaging of the belt.

Where can I buy 

You can buy the machinery used for this business online from websites like Indiamart or Alibaba. And at the same time, its raw material will be easily available to you in the market. Otherwise you can also buy it with the help of online website.

leather belt making process

As mentioned above the process of making leather belts is very simple. The process of making leather metal belts is as follows-

  • First of all, cut the metal buckle of the leather into strips according to the thickness of the belt. For this you can use strap cutting machine.
  • Also, you cut the edges of the belt slightly diagonally. Then fold the cut edges diagonally. Apply glue on this folded part and stick it.
  • After pasting, sew it with the help of sewing machine. And cut the remaining part with scissors.
  • Then to make a hole in the leather belt, use a punching machine to make some holes in it at an equal distance and also attach the buckle to it.
  • Some belts also have such buckles attached, which are not pierced. You can make different types of designs for this.
  • Belts are available in different sizes and shapes according to the waist of different age and gender, you have to manufacture the belt accordingly.
  • Your belt should be ready, after that you packaging it and then it will be ready to sell in the market.

choose location 

Your customers for this business will be either wholesalers or retailers. You will not pass it directly to the user. Due to this the location chosen for your factory will not have much impact on your sales. But you have to choose such a place, where there is better facility of electricity and water. Also ease of transportation. But since the machine is being used in this business, which can cause noise, so keeping in mind the residential area, you have to choose such a place for business, where the people around you do not have any problem with it.

Arrangement of business Capital)

You will need moderate investment to start leather belt making business. But if the money deposited by you is not enough to start this business, then you can submit your correct business plan to the bank and get financial assistance from there.

labor requirement 

You will need experienced as well as skilled laborers to start manufacturing the belt. You should hire skilled workers who can help you to properly manufacture and maintain the product. You can also hire unskilled workers, whom you can train. You can also hire these laborers at a low cost.