Are you looking for a business that can be started with low investment and its demand, profit is high, then paneer making business can be a better option for you because it takes a lot of reasonable investment to start it and you will get more. Can generate profit and sales.

In this blog we are going to talk about paneer making business, how scalable this business is and will know about all the information related to it so that you can decide whether you should do this business or not.

Market Capacity of Paneer (M)arket Potential of Paneer Manufacturing)

Paneer is the largest market in South India. Although paneer is popular in almost every state of the country. The demand for paneer is high because in today’s time people are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, all are more like to eat food outside. And are also traveling to different places inside the country. That’s why today paneer is available everywhere. It is sold in various grocery stores, supermarkets, departmental stores etc. Since people mostly go out to eat, there is always a demand for it in hotels and restaurants, and hence the hotel industry is the major consumer of cheese.

At least 65% branded paneer like Amul and Nestle are being sold in the country. But the consumption of paneer in India is definitely increasing by 25 to 30% annually. So starting a small scale paneer manufacturing business can be very lucrative for new entrepreneurs. if you already dairy business You can also consider starting a small unit of cheese making business along with the existing business.

Production Capacity of Cheese (Paner Production Capacity

If you process about 500 liters of milk every day, then it will produce about 40 kg of paneer. With a production of 1 ton of paneer per month, 12 metric tonnes of paneer can be produced annually.

Paneer Making B Registrationbusiness registration)

Whether the business is big or small, it is necessary to register everyone. You will also have to register the cheese making business as well as get the business name and insurance cover. Following registration is required for this business –

  • To run this business, you will first need a manufacturing and business license, which you will have to obtain from your local municipality.
  • it’s the food item after that so you have to FSSAI Registration But before that, according to the PFA Act (2010), it is mandatory for you to comply with certain conditions for the production of paneer, which is that it should not contain more than 70% moisture and the fat content should not be less than 50%. should.
  • After passing this test, you will get MSME Registration in Udyog Aadhar also Have to do, which you can also do online.
  • Apart from all this, you are also required to apply for getting BIS certificate.

Requirement of space for cheese making business (Place Requirement for Paneer Making business)

In starting a small scale paneer manufacturing unit, you have to ensure a place. And an area of ​​at least 1000 square feet is enough to start with. Apart from this you will also need processing area, store room, space to store packing material, space to store finished goods as well as space for transportation. Apart from this, it is also necessary to provide you facilities like electricity and water. Therefore, before starting the business of cheese, prepare a project report of cheese manufacturing, only then you will be able to establish the business in a better way keeping all things in mind.

Raw Material for Paneer Business

The major raw material required to start the cheese business is milk and sodium hypochlorite or citric acid. Through which cheese is made. Paneer is one such product which spoils quickly. It can remain fresh only for 3 days and that too it is always kept in the freezer. If it is kept at normal temperature, it will not last more than a day.

Machinery for Paneer Business

Generally, the semi automatic manufacturing unit has been more successful in this area. However, modern and technologically advanced machinery provides various benefits such as good quality, high yield of cheese, extended life of cheese and highly nutritious cheese etc. Here we are going to tell you about some machinery which can help you in running this business –

  • aluminum cans for storing milk
  • motorized cooler
  • Stainless Steel Precipitation Tank
  • fat remover
  • boiler to heat milk
  • milk analyzer
  • Vacuum Packing Machine
  • deep freezer
  • weighing machine
  • labeling machine etc. for labeling

All these are available in online website like Indiamart or Alibaba. From where you can buy it online.

Process of making Paneer at home (Home base without machine P)aneer making process

Paneer is very easy to make, you can also make it at your home. Here we are going to tell you about the easy process of paneer, which will help you to start small paneer business –

  • To start the production of paneer, first of all the processing of milk is required. This means that the milk is first heated through the milk boiler. Milk is heated because it destroys the disease-causing germs present in the milk. It also effectively lowers the solubility of colloidal calcium phosphate. Milk is heated to about 60 degree centigrade.
  • Then a few drops of lemon juice or a few drops of citric acid are added to separate the water and solids from the milk.
  • After that it is filtered through a muslin cloth, and its water is separated.
  • For this, you keep it under some heavy thing, so that its water gets completely separated and we will get paneer.
  • Then weigh it on a certain weight and cut it into separate pieces, and pack it and keep it in the freezer.

Cheese packaging (Paneer packaging

The life of paneer is very short, so special attention is paid to its packaging. The packaging itself can extend the life of paneer. Generally you can pack paneer blocks in polyethylene pouches. Vacuum packing machine can also be used for its packing. After this the heat seal process is applied, and it is kept in the deep freezer.

Total Cost or Investment for Paneer Business

It is your idea to start this business in small scale, then you have to pay money on some raw material and other things like milk, transportation cost, citric acid, packaging material, electricity, fuel, transportation of cheese, boxes, employee salary etc. have to spend. For this you may have to invest up to 2 lakh rupees. Also when you are starting it on a large scale, you may need Rs 2.30 lakh for the cost of machinery and also around Rs 2 lakh for some raw material. And it may take around 5-6 lakhs to establish the business completely.

To start the business of cheese, you should determine its price. For this, you can sell paneer in the market at the rate of about 150 to 200 rupees per kg. Apart from this, if you can take orders from any hotel or restaurant, then definitely take it. For this, you can put the price of paneer according to the wholesale, which will be very beneficial.

for cheese business Profit Margin for Paneer Business)

Since its demand is very high in today’s time, so you will get a lot of profit in this business. You can earn at least 2000 rupees per day from its business. Apart from this, if you sell it in wholesale to a hotel or restaurant, then you can get more profit from it.

In this way, by starting a more profitable business at a very low price, you can make it a way to earn a lot of money.

If you are interested in doing business and want to start up your own, then it is very important for you to have enough capital so that you can grow the business in a good level, then if you do not have much capital and you can do business in less capital only. If you want to do this then this blog is for you because in this blog you will be told about a high potential business which you can start with low investment.

So the business we are going to talk about is dona leaf business in which you will get answers to all the questions from buying goods to selling.

What is Dona Pattal

You must have often eaten food in both the leaves at the wedding party or any function, never tried to know, what are those two leaves and how are they made? Actually, there are many types of both the leaves are found, some of which are of plastic, which are also called disposable. Some two leaves are such, which are also made of thermocol and some are also made from plastic. In today’s time, both the leaves made of plastic and thermocol are used, but in the olden times both the leaves were mainly made from leaves. Yes, in the past, both the leaves made of tree leaves were used in large quantities, but in today’s time they have been replaced by both plastic and thermocol leaves.

In earlier times or say even today, in some places, leaves of sargi tree and banana tree are broken and sorted and made into leaves, and bamboo sticks are sorted, cut and joined to make bowls and plates. Goes. Which are very easy to use and they are also very easy to destroy. But it is very difficult to destroy and eliminate both the plates made of plastic and thermocol. So let’s know how you can do such a business, which will be beneficial for both you and the environment.

Dona Pattal Business Registration

No matter what the business is, if it is registered legally, then a business owner does not have to face any kind of trouble or any problem regarding it in future. Although the registration process related to this business is not very long. It is very important to register both the leaf business, even though it is a small business, but without registration you cannot do this business. So let’s know the legal registration process of both the leaves business:-

  • When starting your business you need to find a name on which you want to give an identity to your business. A name that is different and does not resemble any business.
  • It is very important for you to apply for a license by going to the municipality of that area and the state in which you want to start your business.
  • If there is no error in your business or in everything related to the business you have collected, the municipality will grant you a legal license for your business.
  • Even though making two leaves is not an illegal act, but it is mandatory for you to obtain a license and take NOC from the Pollution Control Board.
  • You must register your business as MSME under a Udyog Aadhar, for which you will need to go to the district industry center near you.
  • Perhaps you have either taken a shop on rent or you will have a shop of your own, for which you will also need electricity. To meet the electricity requirement, you can take the approval of the State Electricity Board and get the commercial meter installed there, so that you do not have to deal with the power supply.
  • If you want to keep some people in your business as workers, then keep in mind that you do not violate any kind of labor law, for this you can be punished legally.

Dona Pattal Business Plan

To start the business of dona pattal made of leaves, you must have complete knowledge about it. If you do not have the information, then it is necessary to find a person who has complete knowledge in the business of both leaves. For this business, you will also need experienced craftsmen, who already know how to make both the plates or you can start your business by teaching them and putting them with you in your work.

Location for Dona Pattal Business

Any business becomes successful only when it is run in a proper place and at the right place. In such a situation, if you want to start or are interested in starting the business of both leaves, then you have to find a place which is suitable for your business. While setting up the factory of both leaves, you should see a place where any kind of dirt does not spread due to your work. Any business should be away from the crowded place, so that there is no problem of any kind to the people living nearby. The place of business should be open, so that there can be easy movement of means for bringing and carrying goods. Now in such a situation, if you will be present in a place where any supplier can easily reach, then you can earn more profit by running this business in less time.

Dona Pattal Business Market Potential for Dona Patal Business

In today’s time, the most use of both thermocol and plastic made of plastic has increased, but that is not right at all, because both plastic and thermocol are harmful to our nature. Both the leaves are used everywhere, whether it is railway, hotel, restaurant, dhaba or any public place. Thus the leaves and two leaves made of paper use can be encouraged. For which if both the leaves made of tree leaves are manufactured in more quantity, then they will also be used in more quantity, which is not a harmful substance at all for the environment. Because after using them, they can be easily eliminated. Therefore, according to the market situation, the business of today’s time with great need and simplicity is the business of leaves made of leaves.

Dona Pattal Business Required Raw Material

Not much raw material is required to make two leaves from leaves. As this business can be started by installing a machine even in a small place, similarly with the help of a little raw material, more profit can be earned in this business.

The first thing needed for the leaves made of leaves is the tree and its leaves. Banana tree leaves are mainly used in these. Therefore, you will need the leaves of a banana tree or the leaves of any such tree which are slightly larger in size.

Dona Pattal Business Machinery and Tools Required for Starting Dona Pattal Business

  • This business can be done even without machines, but it is very easy to do this business through the machine, for this first you will need a single die machine, which will be a hand press.
  • After that a slightly bigger machine comes from it, which is called hand press double die machine, in which two types of die are used. Which gives the right shape to both the leaves.
  • An automatic cup machine is also installed with all the equipment, which is required for making both the pattals.
  • Various types of dyes and modes are applied in the machines, using them the leaves are molded into different shapes.
  • Office furniture and other materials will also be required while setting up the factory of both leaves, so that there is no inconvenience to the colleagues working with you.

Dona Pattal Manufacturing Process

It seems very easy to see, that making two leaves is a very easy task, but when this complex work is carried out to the end, then there is a knowledge of how difficult this task is. But before doing any work, it is necessary to take complete training related to it.

  • To make both leaves, first you have to collect the leaves of that tree whose leaves are big and durable in size.
  • After that it is necessary to clean those leaves by cutting and sorting them properly. So that when put in the machine, any kind of dirt or speculation does not come in them.
  • After sorting those leaves, they are put in the machine, after which they are molded into the shape of plates and bowls.
  • Making two leaves with the help of leaves is a very easy process, for this you just need a little training, so that you do not harm yourself by doing any wrong.
  • When both the leaves are made in perfect shape, it is very important to check their quality, so that the consumer does not find any defect while using it.
  • After checking the quality, it is also necessary to make an attractive packing of it, so that the consumers, attracted by its packing, buy the product made by you and use them.

Dona Pattal Business Cost

Talking about the cost involved in the business of both the leaves, they are going to be very low because you will not need any kind of plastic or thermocol in it. For this you will need leaves, for which you can also plant trees around you and use their leaves to make two leaves. If you estimate the cost of the machine for making Dona Patal, then you can easily set up a factory of Dona Patal by spending a maximum of 10,000 to 20000. By slowly starting your business on a small scale, you can give your business a big size, in which your money will also be less and time will not be wasted too much.

Where to Sell Dona Pattal 

If you have successfully set up the factory of Dona Patal and want to reach your goods to the market now, then for that you will need some such suppliers who can take your manufactured goods to the main market. If you do not want to keep the suppliers for yourself, then you can go and get in touch with the shopkeepers in the nearby market who do business of both the leaves and sell them at retail price. By asking them their requirement, you can sell them the goods made in your own factory at your own production price according to their requirement. If consumers buy the goods from those shopkeepers and like the products made by you very much, then they will become regular consumers near that shop. In such a situation, you will be able to earn more profit in both the leaf business, because the shopkeeper will demand more from you for the goods made by you.

More profit in less cost in Dona Pattal Business

Trees can be planted easily and can be easily increased by taking care of them. In such a situation, making two leaves from the leaves of the tree and selling them in the market is a work that makes more profit at a lower price. Even though it is a very small industry, it does not take much time to start, nor does it cost much, but in less time, reasonable profits can be earned through this business.

In the end, we would like to say that if you have become more successful and tired after doing any kind of job or doing any business, then you can start the business of both leaves made from the tree. For which you do not need much capital at all.


Q: Why should one start the business of two leaves made of leaves?

Ans: As you all are able to see how much pollution is happening in today’s time, in such a situation, the use of both thermocol or plastic leaves is becoming a curse for nature as well as mankind. In such a situation, starting a business of both leaves made of leaves can prove beneficial for both you and nature.

Q: With how much capital can I start both the pattal business?

Ans: This business can be started at low cost. If the machines are not very expensive then you can start this business in just 20000 amount.

Q: Can this business be run in a small space also?

Ans: Both the leaf making machine is small, so you can install it in any small place.

Q: Does this business require more employees?

Ans: No, 1-2 employees are enough to do this business.

Q: Is it easy to have the raw material available for making Dona Pattal?

Ans: Yes, raw material is easily available to make both leaves made of leaves.

Brinjal, which is also called eggplant, is always found in the Indian kitchen and many types of dishes are made, which are very much liked by every Indian, it is such a vegetable that is often consumed on a daily basis. From this it can be guessed that how much it is demandable, then if the thought of doing this related business in your mind is coming in your mind then it is not bad.

That is to say, if you want to work in the big Easter, then brinjal’s farming can be a better option for you and in this blog we are going to talk about it on the topic, how much benefit you can get in brinjal’s farming, its what is the procedure etc.

Earn by cultivating brinjal

If you are willing to earn money and you are interested in farming then Brinjal cultivation is the best option. You can earn by doing its cultivation in the following way –

land for brinjal cultivation

The cultivation of brinjal, which is grown during the rainy season, is started from the first week of the month of June. For the cultivation of brinjal, first the beds of 1×3 meter are prepared. In this way, about 30 beds are prepared in one hectare of land. After this, before planting brinjal seeds and while preparing the field, 300 grams of NPK and 20 kg of cow or buffalo dung manure has to be applied in all the beds.

soil for brinjal cultivation

By cultivating brinjal in the soil which has more organic matter, you get more yield, and due to this, brinjal cultivation is done in loamy soil to heavy soil. However, for this, when the rainy season comes, there should be a proper arrangement to drain the water from the field during the rainy season. If you want, you can also get a soil test done before cultivating brinjal, so that you get to know about the nutrients of the soil, which has a pH of 5.5 to 6, that soil is considered good for the cultivation of brinjal.

Fertilizer selection for brinjal cultivation

To get a good yield of brinjal, you should also have a system of good manure to be used in the cultivation of brinjal. That is why it is advised that in 1 hectare of brinjal, you should apply about 150 kg of nitrogen, 60 kg of potash, 250 quintals of cow dung and 75 kg of phosphorus. By doing this, brinjal gets all the nutrients and they are produced in coarse and good quantity.

row material for brinjal cultivation

To earn good money from brinjal cultivation, you have to prepare its nursery very well, because when its nursery is good, it will be very big in size when it grows up, due to which its weight will be more and your earning will also be more. Will be As raw material for brinjal cultivation, you need brinjal seeds, urea manure, dye manure, potash manure and dung manure, nitrogen and phosphorus. All these fertilizers provide nutrients to the brinjal seeds, due to which they grow quickly.

Where to buy :-

To buy raw materials for the cultivation of brinjal, you can go to any agricultural store and from there you can buy these items. If we talk about the price of these items, then you will know it only after visiting the shop. Because the price of every item is different in every shop, although if you want, you can make cow dung manure from it at your home, due to which you will not have to spend money for cow dung.

planting brinjal

When eggplant seeds are planted, they usually mature within 35 to 40 days. In this way, the brinjal plants are ready within 40 days and when the height of the brinjal plants is 15 cm and the plants have four to five leaves, then you can start transplanting the brinjal plants.

By the way, you can start transplanting brinjal plants in the second week of July. However, during the planting of brinjal plants, you have to keep in mind that you have to keep the distance between two brinjal plants at least 1 meter. You can transplant about 7000 brinjal plants per acre. When these plants are ready, you will get about 120 quintals of brinjal per acre from brinjal cultivation. You can use different varieties of brinjal to grow brinjal. If you want, you can sow the good varieties of brinjal.

Improved varieties of brinjal

Punjab Chamkila, Pant Samrat, Akrishil Azad Kranti, Pusa Kranti, Pusa Purple Long, PH-4, Pusa Anmol, Pusa Purple, Cluster, Pant Baigan, 126-5, Pant Baigan-61, Kalyanpur, Vijay, Kalyanpur Ta-1 ,2, Pusa Purple, Pant Brinjal 91-2, Kalyanpur Ta-4, Punjab Bahar, Type-3, BR 112

Harvesting time of ready brinjal

To get a good price for the brinjal crop, you should harvest the brinjal before it is fully ripe, because the demand for brinjal broken before it is fully ripe is high in the market and people also give a good price for it. Huh. But before harvesting brinjal, you should pay attention to the color and size of brinjal. You should keep in mind that you should harvest the brinjal only when it starts to look attractive and smooth.

Ready Brinjal Storage

Brinjal is counted among such vegetables, which cannot be stored for a long time. If it is stored for a long time, then the moisture inside it gets removed, due to which it is sold at a lower price in the market. However, if you wish, you can store brinjals at 11°C for up to 3 weeks. By doing this, the moisture content of brinjal can be saved up to 92%.

Machine and necessary tools for cultivation of brinjal

Cultivation of improved brinjal cannot be done without the necessary means, that is why you must arrange some resources before cultivating brinjal.

  • To cultivate brinjal, you have engine arrangement to give water to brinjal,
  • Pipe arrangement to carry water to brinjal,
  • If you irrigate by motor, then the arrangement of motor,
  • Khurpi and hoe for weeding and weeding,
  • There should be a tool like shovel for making brinjal beds.

All these tools are very useful for you in the cultivation of brinjal, so before cultivating brinjal or preparing the nursery of brinjal, you should collect them.

cost :-

If we talk about the cost of all these tools, then their price can be different. However, according to an estimate, the cost of an irrigation engine can be around 15,000, the cost of an irrigation motor can be around 7,000. You can use any thing for irrigation out of this and whatever else you have, you will easily get it within 5,000.

Where to buy :-

You will easily find things like shovel, hoe, khurpi at shops carrying agricultural goods. Apart from this, you can buy engine from engine shop and motor from any electrical shop and if you do not find these things in your local market, then you can also order it by booking online.

Selection of site for cultivation of brinjal

Let us tell you that a place with moderately warm climate is considered good for the cultivation of brinjal, although it is not that it is not cultivated in other places. Brinjal cultivation can be done very easily in almost most of our areas in India. However, wherever you cultivate it, there should be a good drainage system, so that its field does not fill with too much water. Brinjal cultivation can also rot due to excessive watering and your brinjal nursery can also be ruined.

where to sell brinjals

As you know that, in our India farmers are called Annadata. That’s why they have a right on their crops. When the farmer’s crop or vegetables are ready, then the farmers can easily go to the nearby market and sell their vegetables at the local level. Apart from this, if he wants, he can sell his vegetables on a large scale by planting his Khatauni in the market located around him.

Required license for cultivation of brinjal

There are some farmers who send their vegetables to other cities and other states. In such a situation, it is mandatory for them to get a trader’s license. Traders having license, they can send or sell their vegetables anywhere across India, but if farmers sell vegetables in their local market then they do not need any kind of license for this, the same market On selling his vegetables in the country (if his vegetables are in excess) then the farmer has to plant his field. Later, the money for his entire vegetable is sent by the government in his Khatauni.

cost of brinjal cultivation

If we talk about the total cost involved in the cultivation of brinjal, then it depends on the size of the field, the bigger your farm and the more quantity of brinjal you plant, the higher will be your cost and You will get more profit later. Below we are telling you about the cost of cultivating brinjal in one bigha farm. If you have 2 bighas of farmland, you can double the data given below, whereas if you have three bighas of farmland, you can triple the data given below. In this way, the more bighas of land you have, the more you can multiply the data given below.

  • You can plant 900 brinjal saplings in one bigha field, thus the cost of 900 brinjal seeds will be around ₹ 2700.
  • Apart from this, irrigation of plant with brinjal has to be done at least 4 times till the harvest of brinjal and it takes at least 2 hours by engine to irrigate one bigha field. In this way, to run the engine for 2 hours, you will need ₹ 200 diesel.
  • For irrigation, if you use engine, then 15000 or if you use motor, then it will cost ₹ 7000.
  • Apart from this, to give water to the brinjal field, you will also have to buy a pipe according to the distance. The longer the pipe, the more money you will have to invest.
  • You will get the equipment used in the cultivation of brinjal under 5000.
  • Apart from this, all the fertilizers we have told you about above, all those fertilizers will be available for at least ₹ 2500 to put in one bigha field.

Earning and profit from brinjal cultivation

How much profit can be made from the cultivation of brinjal, it depends that at the time when your brinjal is ready, what is the rate of ready brinjal going on in the market, because the rate of vegetables is sometimes low or sometimes high. That is why it cannot be said with certainty about how much profit can be made from violet cultivation, but it can be said that if the size of your brinjal is large, as well as there is no disease of any kind in it and There is a good rate of brinjal going on in the market at the time when your brinjals are ready, then you can make a good profit.

Risks in Brinjal Cultivation

If we talk about the risk in the cultivation of brinjal, then the biggest danger in this is the damage to the leaves of the brinjal plant and the prepared brinjal by various types of insects. There are many insects that break the leaves of the brinjal plant. Apart from this, some insects directly attack on the root of brinjal, due to which the root of brinjal gets damaged and that tree dries up. That is why you should use insecticides on brinjal plants from time to time. To spray on brinjal plants, you can mix a medicine called phydol with stove ash and spray it in the morning when there is little water on brinjal leaves. By doing this, harmful insects are not able to attack brinjal leaves and brinjal roots and prepared brinjal.

“How to earn money by cultivating brinjal” We hope that after reading this post of ours, you must have got a good idea about the cultivation of brinjal. If you have any query related to the cultivation of brinjal, then you can ask your question through the comment box. We will surely reply you.


Q: Is it beneficial to cultivate brinjal?

Ans: Yes, but if it is done properly and with complete information about it.

Q: How much profit can be made from the cultivation of brinjal?

Ans: It depends on how much quantity of brinjal you have sown and the quality of your brinjal. Apart from this, it also depends on the market value.

Q: What diseases are there in brinjal?

Ans: Leaf spot disease, Organ disease, Scorching disease, Malani disease, Small leaf disease, Sutkarmi disease,

Q: In which countries the cultivation of brinjal is more?

Ans: Apart from India, the cultivation of brinjal is more in China.

Q: Which is the best climate for the cultivation of brinjal?

Ans: Warm climate is considered good for the cultivation of brinjal.

Q: In how many days do brinjal plants get ready?

Ans: After planting the seeds of brinjal, its plants are ready in 40 days.